Project Avalon part 1 - The Rescue

The Alliance has been expanding its reach and adding more survivor groups to their faction.Some groups have resisted joining the Alliance and there have been several armed skirmishes and raids as the smaller independent groups have tried to fend off the military forces of the Alliance.

Several survivor groups have been coordinated their activities under the leadership of a woman code named Avalon (must be a Hutt girl). The Alliance have stepped up their military search and destroy missions and Avalons cadre now need a place to hide.

Our survivors set out to rendezvous with Avalon and extract her and her team to safety. Its only a few miles into the city across zombie infested terrain, dodging Alliance patrols, what could possibly go wrong?
The terrain is mostly ruined building made using the clubs collections of Galeforce 9 terrain. These make nice ruined buildings

The Federation team were approaching through a ruined office building. they have to pick their way through fallen columns, ruined furnishings and rubble. The Federation team move cautiously covering each other

 Richard's rescue team are less cautious and move quickly towards the objective. Perhaps they are infused with extra caffine rations.
 Alan has converted several of the Cars movie models into post apocalyptic wrecks. Here is Alan's crew advancing past some ruined houses, the road barriers are locally 3D printed.
 Servalan advances and takes cover behind an old tow truck. Travis charges the zombie in the way. this is a risk because he could get zombie pox, but he doesn't. The zombie gets its head bashed off with Travis's bionic arm.
 The rest of the federation team are advancing through the ruined office building. The new hire, Baben the Berserker is carrying the squad assault weapon.
 Travis surveys the battlefield after disposing of the Zombie. Richard's rescue squad are on the other side of the wood near the old truck cab.
 The Federation team move up, Travis's uniform is too tight and squeaked as he ran across the street, this attracted a zombie.
 Richard's firefighter and Dog lead the way, the rest of the crew are dealing with some other zombies. this is a risk because it exposes him to possibly being shot, but all the groups are quite powerful so it could unleash a real bloodbath.
 Des and Scooby discover that the meeting place is surrounded by what looks like corpses rather than Avalon's group of resistance fighters. The people look like they have been shot rather than savaged by Zombies.

 Alan's team have dealt with the nearby zombies and Sven is looking forward to rescuing some survivors with his huge sword.
 Baben demonstrates the power of his squad assault weapon by blasting a zombie. Trooper Green deals with a couple of zombies with his assault rifle.
Richard's team have secured the area from the local wandering zombies.
Alan's team are advancing through the woods.
 Sub commander Pol moves up to support trooper Black who is recovering some vital supplies. A zombie arrives carrying some loot. The federation troopers need to deal with this zombie to get away off the table.
 Des and Scooby moved up to check on the survivor, unfortunately this proves to be a zombie. Des dispatched the Zombie with a sweep of his ax and then recovered the equipment. Travis raced forward to recover another survivor but this bullet riddled corpse was definitely dead. Travis recovered the supplies while covered by Servalan and the Mutoid.
 Here is a view across the park however he camera has locked onto the foreground piece of rubble. Sven had also advanced to investigate one of the corpses, He was hoping for a zombie but he found a survivor. She was badly wounded and wearing a nun's habit. Sven started escorting her to safety.

 Sub commander Pol dealt with their zombie and Trooper Black legged it off the table. However the noise attracted another zombie. The subcommander moved up to secure the dropped supplies. He was supported by Baben and trooper Green with the squad's heavy firepower. The two troopers made a lot of noise and riddled the zombie with bullets but they could not find a vital spot. Servalan downed the foul creature with a shot from her automatic.
 The Federation team are withdrawing.
Des went back and encountered another casualties this turned out to be another survivor. Des with into firefighter mode, slung the youn woman over his shoulder and promptly raced back to his companions.
Alan's team recovered some more supplies.

All the noise atracted some more zombies. The brave federation troopers managed to hack their way through them and exfiltrate off the table.

In true management style the leaders of the federation team supervise the troopers dealing with the zombies. I have had a bad experience with fighting zombies in close combat so I chose not to pile in with everyone else and get them infected.

All the teams made it off the table with some supplies and information.

Richard and Alan can interview their survivors.
The story so far. Avalon and her cadre were hiding in a cave in the park. Unfortunately one of the cadre betrayed the group to the Alliance. Surrounded and taken by surprise, the group were asked to hand over Avalon, after she had surrendered, the rest of the group were gunned down. Taking Avalon captive the Alliance security team retreated before our groups of adventurers arrived.

Avalon knows a lot of information about groups of survivors, including information about our heroes. It would be unfortunate if this information became known to the Alliance. So a serious rescue mission could be called for.

After the mission, the Federation team relocated to a farm house. We had recovered enough scavenge to build a stove in time for winter. Richard managed to get the heating working in his sports stadium.


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