Not going to Adepticon

I was expecting to be making my final preparations for Adepticon at the end of the month. Unfortunately the event is cancelled due to fears about the virus. America is also closing so there is no point going for parks or rides.

So its been a hobby weekend.
This is my Rangers of Shadow Deep party. Arzag the Bugbear slayer was the first D&D character. In my first adventure we went out from the Keep on the Borderlands. We didn't know anything about reconnaissance so bowled straight into some caves which turned out to be the home of some Bugbears. These huge creatures were significantly better than us but somehow we made it out of there and my character claimed a kill. Now he is re imagined with a Bugbear face painted on his shield. Ready, with a new group of companions to protect the borderlands from the encroaching darkness. 
 My official ROSD models are reinforced by some reaper models. I also bought some of their bugbears and some Owlbears for old times sake.

This is my beastman chieftain now on foot. I decided that having the extra 5 or 6 "we obey" orders is better than sticking him on a beast and painting a big target on his chest.

I also made a unit of crossbowmen for my Norman army. These are made from Gripping Beast dark age warriors with arms from Fireforge games and Perry miniatures. Some of the crossbows might be a bit late but they will do OK.
 I also made some objective models for the Normans. I need to add the static grass and paint the base rims and then they will be done.
 I have also bee doing some more work on my Shaman. I plan on using the transform spell so I am painting up a white piggie and a Warlord on beast with white fur to match the original Shaman.
 Here is my Lamanters Kill team. Theynare coming along nicely. Adding some Cassadora yellow ink made the colour much more vibrant.


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