Frostgrave - Dreaming of Genie

In the afternoon I played a game of Frostgrave. I used my other Robin of Sherwood themed warband. This is Hugo De Reynard the Sherriff of Nottingham's brother. Hugo is an enchanter or as Alan calls him a commerce wizard.
We were playing Zane and his Goblin warband.
Here is most of the warband, We have a knight, 3 crossbowmen, 2 men at arms and 2 infantrymen.
I have an infantryman and a man at arms up on the walkways.
This is an overview of the table, I am using my elevated walkways, they are laid out in such a way that everyone can deploy on them and then move into the table
Bertrand, Gisborne and a couple of crossbowmen make their way forwards.
My flanking force move down the walkways
The goblins have already got their paws on a couple of treasures and one of them summoned an Ice Spider.
While the goblins didn't find the genie with their two treasures I managed it with my first roll. Not quite Barbra Eden and more Robin Williams on a bad hair day.
Fortunately I have been enchanting magic weapons like it would be useful. My Infantryman attacks the genie but gets smashed and wounded. However no one is ever more dangerous in Frostgrave than when they are wounded, and the Genie looking to finish off the infantryman gets smashed flat on one swing.
Bertrand is supporting a couple of crossbowmen who are sniping at the goblins.
The brave man at arms jumps to the central tower, while everyone else is still dealing with the Genie. The Infantryman adds value by distracting the goblin archer with his face. He promptly catches an arrow with is and ends up wounded.
The goblin is leapt to the top of the tower and stands triumphant on the top treasure.
After dealing with the Genie, my soldiers breakthrough the sorcerous fog produced by the goblins.
There is quite a nice clump of goblins massing under the causeway, I thought that was trolls but they are bigger.
My Man at arms races up the tower trying to get hold of the goblin before he escapes.
The Ice spider has made its way onto a causeway and now has great line of sight.
My Soldiers breakthrough the fog and one of the men at arms smashes a goblin into the cobblestones. My Wizard in what is becoming a dangerous tradition, attracts an arrow and goes down wounded.
Gisborne and the crossbowmen debate about who will carry the treasure back while trying to keep out of LOS of the spider.
Too late the spider can now see them all. The crossbow men both miss
My Man at arms makes his way back down the tower after the goblin magically leapt from the tower back to the causeway.  Zane's goblin wizard nearly blew his brains out with this one, he rolled a 1 to cast that spell twice during the game. The apprentice saved the goblin and showed the boss how it was done.
My troops have taken the courtyard and my infantryman is negotiating with the zombie goblin.
The Spider arrives and Gisborne charges in, in a feat of rank incompetence both combatants roll a 1, Gisborne pushes the disgusting creature off him. The crossbowman misses again. The Wizard and apprentice are healing themselves and the others.
The application to cross into Goblin territory is not going well.
Gisborne takes a mighty swing at the spider but it bites him with a critical 20 and he goes down. The poison takes effect and he will miss the next game recuperating. 
The goblins make their retreat, while several demonstrate on the causeway.
At this point we call it. The goblins have made off with their three treasures, I have 2 and the bonus experience for killing the genie. I had reveal secret on the treasure so it turned out to be a grimoire of something moderately useful.

In the post game phase I end up with 600 odd gold so its time to go shopping, I hope Crazy Geoff's Magic Emporium is having a sale on robes of arrow turning.


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