Frostgrave - it was the wraith before Christmas

Chris, Ed and I got in a quick game of Frostgrave on the weekend. We played the Phantasmal treasure. This has the central treasure guarded by a Wraith and the other treasures can possibly attract Wraith. We used Ed's new building which looked like an abandoned church. 

Here are my crew ready to enter the danger zone.
This is Chris's Chronomancer warband.
This is Ed's warband. He is also a Thaumaturge so we have some similar spells.
We run towards the treasure. Alan picks it up and doesn't summon a wraith.
Will, Little John, Eric and Robin advance to the second treasure. Marion has put up a fog to make sure we don't get paralysed or sniped by Chris.
Chris is moving forwards. He opened a treasure and it summoned a Wraith. These materialise 8" away from the treasure in a random direction. So they will always get to attack someone. They are also only vulnerable to magic.
Alan fails his will power roll and starts taking the treasure to the middle of the table.
Members of Chris's warband make an appearance. Will gets paralysed. Chris has hired two Olympic sprinters for his warband and they are racing after the treasure down the other side. However Ed is using telekenesis to move the treasure away from Chris and shooting at him with arrows.
Chris's bronze onion knight attacks Eric but gets pushed back with a big dent in his armour.
Little John bopped Chris' thug on the head with his stick and sent him for a lie down. Robin is standing heroically in the gap. While Will is legging it back with the treasure.
Ed sends his war dog over and it bits Nasir, Alan has handed off the treasure to Friar Tuck, who hands Nasir a healing potion. Reinvigorated by the potion Nasir disposes of the dog. Sit! 
In spite of having he best will power in the party, Friar tuck fails his will roll and walks towards the centre. Alan says "see I told you it was hard". Marion summoned all her energy and cast destroy undead on the central Wraith. She cut for 10 damage to get it up to 15. The Wraith failed the will check and took 30 damage and exploded. Marion is a bit tired now but she is safe and can heal if necessary.
Will is making the way back with the treasure. Chris has a go with his crossbowman which misses.
Marion responds with another fog

Robin is leading the guys back with the central treasure. Friar tuck and Will also make it off with treasures. Nasir and Much are keeping an eye on Eds warband, just to make sure he didn't get too froggy and kept focussed on moving his own treasures off the table.

 So the whole gang made it back safely. We got some potions, a grimoire, a ring of Teleportation and some gold. We levelled up 3 times so we are now back at the same level Herne was when he died.

Chris and Ed both encountered Wraiths. Ed's was a killing machine, it took out 2 members of his gang (wraiths do double damage) and the first hit took out Ed's only magic weapon. Chris's Wraith was more like Ronald McDonald, it looks scary but was really useless, I don't think it rolled above a 5 for combat no matter who rolled for it. This meant Chris cold just push it back and walk away, because he didn't have any magic weapons.

Everyone's Red Kings supplement and figures are on the way so expect to see more daemons on the table after Christmas.


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