Saga - New Irish army - featuring a real live opponent

I got in a game against Russell and his Vikings. Because we have not played in a while we just played the standard clash of Warlords. I was using my new Irish army. These are made out of the Wargames Atlantic.

I won the roll off so it was my band of warriors making an attack on Russell's camp 

This is the left flank of my deployment. That's a unit of warriors supported by my champion facing off in front of most of Russell's army.
This is my right flank, there are a couple of units of warriors the hearthguard, the warlord and the unit of levy behind the marsh. This battle has the potential to become a turning battle with both sides overloading their right flank.
Everyone on the right flank makes a manouvre around the marsh and towards the ruined house.
The slingers slide left to put more of Russells force in range.
Russells levy archers advanced forwards and open fire, they killed on of my slingers. In my turn the leading unit of warriors rolled up and then threw their javelins. They then charged the levy but were beaten back when the combat is a draw.
My champion moved forward and marked the hearthguard with Sidhe. Then the slingers open fire and were exhausted by the Viking battleboard ability. The the warriors moved forwards in the field and thre javelins at the hearthguard and then gave them a second volley. This barrage killed 4 of the hearthguard.
The surviving hearthguard charge and eliminate the champion. Russell's right flank warriors attack the warriors in the fields but lose the combat 3-1 and fall back

The Berserkers move up and get shot up with the Irish sneaky shot ability. killing 2. The warriors in the field sneak forwards and then kill off the other two berserkers with their javelins.

Russell launches a combo assault on the warriors in the fields, The hearthguard charge in and then the warlord finishes off the warriors. The Valkyries are moving forwards through the forest.
The Irish Hearthguard charge the Viking levy and drive them back into the forest
A combination of sling and Javelin fire take down the last three hearthguard.
The Viking warlord rests and calls up his surviving warriors
The Hearthguard go in against the levy and kill 5 for the lost of 2 hearthguard, its much better than letting them shoot the heartguard.
The Valkyries attack the warriors and win the fight 5-3, they then make the mistake of attacking the Irish Warlord, he has a buff on the battleboard so he wipes them out and takes a fatigue.
One final barrage takes out the Viking warlord and we call it there.

The Vikings have a great battleboard ability to shut down shooters however forcing Russell to use 2 Saga dice to power that ability gave him less abilities to power up his warriors. 

It will be interesting to see how the Irish hold up against some charging cavalry, they really need to hide in terrain so they don't get run over in the open.

A fun game and I am going to organise so Saga days at the club in 2021.


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