Frostgrave terrain - raised walkways

Most of our Frostgrave games are primarily on the ground. Its quite common for people to post their shooters up high but beyond that there is little verticality in the games.

I wanted to build some elevated walkways so people can run across the battle area without touching the ground. If we then have some more difficult terrain on the ground, people can choose speed over cover.

I made the walkways in the style of an aqueduct and made some staircases out of high density foam.
I then skinned the foam in air drying clay textured with a GreenStuff World Roller. This texture is the Flagstones.
I textured the stairs by drawing flagstones in the foam with a pencil. This leaves a deep angled groove and which is also darker. Everything then got a coat of paint mixed with PVA to seal it. 
Then everything got a coat of grey spray, I then washed some turquoise into the cracks. Everything then got a couple of dry brushed highlights
Here are the finished pieces arranged together. I applied some thick snow mixed from white paint, PVA glue and baking soda. I then added some 4Ground snow flock which gives a think powdered snow effect. Then I applied some spray glue and a sprinkled some army painter snow (this is like really fine sand) for a thin icy snow.

So I have snow which hopefully looks like it has been trough an number of thaw freeze cycles and melted and refroze as the weather has changed. 

So now you can have fights on the stairs or causeways while trolls hide in the archways. You can also knock people off the causeways or the stairs.


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