Sanity Claws Workshop Terrain build project.

 I have been working on some more terrain for Frostgrave or other fantasy games. I need to get this done so I can get building sci-fi terrain for Necromunda and Spacegrave next year.

I managed to avoid the usual parent Christmas present of socks but I didn't get much wargaming stuff directly for Christmas but I have stuff coming and plenty to work on.

Even with the great commercial kits available these days I still like making terrain from scratch. There is something satisfying about taking a plastic pot or a carboard tube and making it into something useful.

 I decided to build a big multilevel tower. The tower ends up being about 400mm tall and consists of 4 habitable stories. There is a spiral staircase and a domed roof.

The domed roof was formed by high density foam and the gaps filled in with ready mix filler.

The roof was then clad with a sheet of DAS clay and this was then textured with the Madness roller. The this rippled the roof a bit but that is better than trying to texture the flat sheet and then drape it over the dome.

This is the bottom part of the tower, it has a cobblestone texture on the floor and madness texture on the wall.

This is the tower all clad in clay. I needed to patch the levels so they fitted together a bit better. I had to use thin card to get the curve and I didn't make a circular top former so the walls were a bit floppy in places.

The tower is now getting painted, the tower has a coat of grey primer and then a was of turquoise paint and then it has some dry brushes of grey and then lighter grey.

Once the exterior is painted I need to decide what to do with the interior. I also need to get out some of the Mantic terrain crate for the wizards room and then I can use this for the interior.

I have also been making some houses these are made out of plastic containers and then clad in clay wall texture on both the inside and outside.

I use a layer of PVA glue to ensure the clay sticks to the plastic.

I made one with no roof. This has more snow on the interior.

These are a a couple of houses with detachable roofs. I have added some snow. I need to add some more later.


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