Stargrave - Inquisition Season 2 - The Magnificent Ten

Inquisitor Rathbourne led the band on the next stage of the Maguffin hunt. Chella and Drix have revealed that they have uncovered evidence of a gathering of Chaos Reaver fleets. If these fleets can gather together in an alliance, they can strike from their hidden base and wreak havoc across the sector.

The chaos warbands are meeting at an ancient, abandoned space station, possibly of Xenos origin. Chella knows the location of Vel Krendar a retired sailor from the Rogue Trader ship that discovered the station.

Vel had retired to an agricultural village on Nontestent. Originally this was a minor agricultural planet but now it found itself subject to raids by renegade forces.

After transiting the warp, the team took their shuttle down to the surface. The inquisition codes got us through the air defence grid.

The villagers all look suspiciously at the new arrivals. Eventually we get directions to Vel's house. His house is primitive looking on the outside but inside is filled with scraps of technology. Whatever else is going on, Vel is the village technician.

Vel explains that the Villagers are afraid of raiders. He has set up a jury-rigged auspex net. These auspexes have detected can detect people moving through the nearby forest. Vel says that if the team stays and fights off the raiders he will tell them all he knows about the station.

The villagers have heard the alarms and are now milling about in panic. Warden Hodges is trying to restore order. "Put that bloody light out". The team move to take up defensible positions around the village.
The Vicar and the Verger have set up a Scholam to teach the local children. Brother Athos and BSM Williams have taken cover behind the temple-school to ambush any raiders 
Two Daemonettes leap cackling out of the trees, Daemons!!! Ah Sin is defending that house by himself oops!

Tiberius has set up a command center in the village hall. This gives him good fields of fire all around the village, several of the long guns are here. Some of the villagers are looking to see what has set off the alams.
Some gibbering cultists start emerging from the trees.
Inquisitor Rathbourne is guarding Vel Krendar's house covered by Chella and Drix from our trusty grav sled.
A couple of cult soldiers and two Daemonettes emerge from the trees near Vel's house.
A mixed group of cultists and troopers are approaching the improvised chapel.
The initial barrage from the village hall is effective with Pierce and Gunner Sugden each bagging a cultist. Rybec also fired but one target rolled a crit 20 to dodge.
The surviving cultists are dashing towards some of the braver villagers. Warden Hodges is looking in completely the wrong direction. The scenario suggested that either the villagers would not move or would move randomly. I decided that the villagers would move away from the nearest visible cultist. This could cause them to run back and forth but that could represent the slavers herding the villagers where they want them.
A Chaos Space Marine of the Flawless Host. Has arrived to lead the slave catching expedition. That explains why there are so many Daemons. Ah Sin is definitely overmatched on that side. Some cultists have headed to the church to grab the vicar and verger while Brother Athos and BSM Williams wait to pounce.
Before the game Inquisitor Rathbourne cast armoury so we didn't have to pay for the power armour. Of Course he failed to cast Bribe. In the first turn he moved around the corner, hit one of the Daemonettes with a bolt of psychic energy and then ducked back. The daemon was staggered but then came on giggling. Drix and Chella stand ready to provide covering fire.

Ah Sin is facing two daemons and a chaos space marine by himself with only long-range covering fire from the village hall for assistance. One of the villagers is making a break away from the house while another has cowered back into the building. The Space Marines sonic weapon is primed for blasting but he could not see anyone until he cleared the building, so he moves forward with wails coming from his speaker grills as he eagerly rushes towards the fray. If Ah Sin can block the doorway to the room he can then fight the daemons one at a time.
The inquisitor activates his Dark Blade, unfortunately he then gets his by a Daemonettes sonic scream and his dark blade goes out. The second daemon charged in and promptly gets smacked back for 12 damage. Drix clips a trooper and is then blasted by return fire and wounded. Chella turns around and fells a cultist with a pistol shot.
The Civilians all flee back to the village hall. Hodges yelled at the cultist to "put that club down right now". Pierce hits a trooper over by Inquisitor Rathbourne for 9 leaving it stunned and wounded. Sugden misses the thug waving the club.
Ah Sin charges the first daemon and hits it for 2. The Daemon then counter attacks and inflicts a critical hit taking Ah Sin out of action. Fortunately, the Daemons are bound to not inflict lethal damage so Ah Sin will automatically recover after the game.
Rybeck opens fire and hits the space marine for 5, the space marine fires back and its sonic weapon inflicts a critical hit on Rybec incapacitating him.
Inquisitor Rathbourne hits the Daemonette for 4, then kills it with his counter stroke. 

The Space Marine storms forwards and in desperation Tiberius tries to shoot it but misses. Athos shoots the Flawless Host marine and dodges the return shot. The Daemonettes capture a couple of the villagers.
The stim enhanced trooper slips his blade past the guard of Athos and draws blood. Round the back of the Scholam BSM Williams takes a serious blow from the cultist he is fighting.
Chella takes down a Daemonette. Inquisitor Rathbourne smites the trooper and Drix finishes him off. 
Sugden charges the enhanced trooper and gets smashed for a crit 20. Athos then moves in and gets bounced off. Whatever cocktail this fanatic is glanding is some powerful stuff. I decided that you could not shoot into combat with someone in Contact with a villager but that the models would only move half rate. To me that seemed the best approach to reflect a cultist dragging off a struggling villager. Tiberius is busy healing all the fighters to keep them in the fight longer.
The Chaos Marine is now wounded but is still advancing towards the village hall where the villagers are hiding.

The rest of the battle report will be in part 2.


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