Battlefleet Gothic, campaign battle 2.

 So we drew another Xenos opponent for our second game. Is this part of some plot to keep Admiral Ackrell away from the main fleet?

"Sir, will this be a stand up fight or another bug hunt?"

"Unknown but a Xenos species may be involved"

The Executioners were out for revenge against the Eldar after the loss of their strike cruiser. They deploy the Battlebarge Reaper and the strike cruiser Broadsword.

We drew another fleet engagement, this time I decided to try out some different tactics. I deployed into a defensive blob where my ships can support each other. This put me in the middle of the table with the Eldar flanking from one side.

Here is the Imperial Fleet, huddling together in the dark. The Triumphant and the Endeavour are flanking the Reaper in the middle, with the Broadsword with two Cobra destroyers on the right.
We rolled for Sub Plots and the Eldar had an encounter with a meteorite storm. One of the cruisers was damaged by a meteorite and lots it holo field.

The Imperial fleet then managed to win the first turn.
"Eldar approaching from the port flank Admiral. One of their ships is emitting unusual readings. Our sensors can get a defined lock."
"They must have suffered some sort of damage to their systems. Let's welcome them to the theatre of operations before they can react."
The Triumphant and Endeavour swung around to Port. They diverted power to the Nova Cannons. The enormous missiles found their target. When the explosions had died down the Eldar ship was tumbling lifeless through space out of control with burning atmosphere leaking from breached compartments into the void. 
The Reaper launched a flight of thunderhawks and a salvo or torpedoes.
The Eldar ships moved into attack and then retreating to flank the Imperial ships around the asteroids. One of the Eldar cruisers didn't retreat fast enough and the boarding torpedoes and Thunderhawks reached the Eldar ship and made a Hit and Run raid. A squad of space marines successfully planted explosive charges on the Eldar ship and this damaged the steering vanes.
The Triumphant is braced for impact, the efficient damage control crews prevented the ship suffering harm.
The Damaged Eldar Cruiser swung around for an attack run, unable to turn in the Ordnance phase its plan was to speed past the lumbering Imperial ships and force them to try and chase it while turning around. The Cruiser sped in fast and unleashed a volley of Torpedoes. The ship used its weapons battery to swat a squadron of fighters out of the sky. If it had not done this the torpedoes would have encountered the fighters and been intercepted before reaching the Imperial capital ships.

The Reaper tried to go to Lock On orders but failed (it's suffering -1 leadership because its captain is undergoing psycho indoctrination). I rolled 10 twice using a reroll and both times I failed due to my Sub Plot. However that's less damaging than having your fleet run into an asteroid shower.
The Reaper used its bombardment cannons on the Eldar Cruiser. This caused some damage to the ships engines. This meant it could not move in the Ordnance phase.

The Cobra Destroyers did a perfect job of absorbing several torpedo hits.
The Eldar ships have broken past the Imperial fleet while the Imperial ships lumber after them. The Broadsword and Triumphant have turned enough to bring their broadsides to bear.
The Reaper has brought her massive broadsides to bear on the damaged Eldar Cruiser reducing it to a hulk.
The salvoes from the Broadsword and Triumphant have reduced the other Eldar cruiser to a hulk.
The Eldar Battleship turns for a final attack run. Its weapons were unable to clear the fighter CAP to allow its torpedoes a clear shot at the Endeavour.
The Reaper and Endeavour turned to fire broadsides at the Eldar battleship, while some hits were scored not telling damage was done and the Eldar ship was able to disengage.

In the end we destroyed 3 Eldar capital ships for the loss of 2 Cobra destroyers. This increased the Renown of the fleet to 17.



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