Trying out Kill Team second edition

On Saturday I played a game of Kill Team. This was my first game of the new edition. I used my Minotaur Space Marines.

I started making these for first edition and now I finished them off. I have 3 marines with bolter, a sergeant with power sword and bolt pistol and a marine gunner with plasma gun and a second with heavy bolter.

Here we are deployed. I had some marines concealed and some on engage. I activated the heavy bolter marine and took shots at Ed's cultist with flamer and heavy stubber. I needed 2 shots to take down the cultist with heavy stubber.

At the end of the turn I have killed the tow heavy weapon cultists. Ed activated hi heavy bolter marine from his concealed position and shot down one of my marines. The heavy bolter marine was then killed by return bolter fire. 
Turn Three, the heavy bolter marine moved up and shot down the chaos marine with Icon and wounded the Champion. The Champion then charged and killed the heavy bolter marine and then shot the plasmagun marine with his plasma pistol.
My Veteran Sergeant avenged the lodd of the brother marines by killing the champion. The other marines tried to hunt down the surviving cultists that were all hiding in the rubble while they planted transmitters.
At the end of the game the surviving cultists have completed their objectives. Not many cultists survived but enough did to all the forces of Chaos to win by 1 victory point.

So, loads of fun for a first game. Many things to learn and try in future games.


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