Kill Team - second game - Kill Team 1000111001111

I tried out an Adeptus Mechanicus Kill Team. This was made of one team of Rangers and one team of Vanguard. I had a Ranger Alpha with Phosphor blast pistol and power weapon, 2 gunners with Arc Rifle and 2 with Plasma Calivers. I also had an Omnispex and a Data Tether, one operative had a servo skull and the Apha had upgraded bionics.

The Scenario called for deployment zones to be split into 2 zones. Here are 6 models including a couple of gunners. Most of us are in conceal and I have the ability to change one model on conceal into Engage.
Here is the Alpha and some supporting models.
Here are the Doom Farers, The Leader has a combi Melta and a missile launcher.
Over here is a bolter marine and a gunner with a meltagun.
The aftermath of one turn on this side. Alan ran up and chucked a frag grenade, this killed my Arc Rifle gunner. My Plasma gunner then walked over and fried the space marine. My plasma gunner then returned the favour and melted the marine.
The Melta gunner ran up and vaporised one of my rangers, my plasmagunner then tried to return the favour but rolled a bit rubbish and only wounded the marine. My Omnispex had marked Alan's missile launcher marine and the plasmagunner had then zapped him out of existence. I then popped around the corner with the vanguard and blasted the marine. However He then got back up and said "Imperial Citizens shall I begin?" The marine then shot the plasma gunner, turning him into a could of vapor and sparking metallic bits. he then charged and beat the Vanguard to death. The light of the Emperor then faded from the marines eyes and he fell to the ground.
Alan's leader ran up, melted the Ranger and took control of the objective. He had been zapped by the Arc Rifle gunner and was wounded. My Alpha rang round the corner and clubbed the marine with his power weapon. He then got gunned down by bolter fire.
Turn 3 and I am down to only 1 adeptus mechanics vanguard. he has moved up and taken control of the objective. 
The remaining two marines are closing on my position. Eeek. Turn 4 the space marines charge around the corner and beat the last Vanguard to death. 

This was an interesting game, I felt like I never quite had enough models to both fight the marines and achieve the mission objectives. More practice with this team is definitely required.


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