Kill team game 3 - All are equal before the all mighty Plasma.

I played Ed again at Kill Team, I used my Adeptus Mechanicus again. Ed decided to use some Necrons. We chose the Recover Archeotech mission, which seemed thematically appropriate. Two factions arguing over archeological sites in the ruins of abandoned building.

Because you are always involved in Kill Team and its exciting I found it hard to remember to take photos. The game only lasted two turns.

I chose Security and had Secure Assets (Kill Necrons when they were near an objective), Secure Drop Zone (No enemy models within 9" of my base edge), Seize vital ground (Control a piece of ruins)

I got my head around the Canticles this time and picked the one that lets me reroll one dice when shooting.

We opened our account by using our Omni scope on the Necron Leader Ed tried to take out my plasma gunner but it didn't work and I moved around and blasted the Necron leader into the ground. Ed then used reanimation protocols on him so he might come back.

Ed had moved his immortal up to shoot my plasma gunner and wounded him but was then gunned down by my Transuranic Arquebus. 

The Necrons advanced to secure the nearest room and secure one objective. The Immortal on the right had moved around the corner and zapped my Arc Rifle gunner. Two of the Necron Warriors have been badly damaged by Radium Carbine and Galvanic Rifle fire and 

An Immortal came around the corner into the archway on the right but its gun malfunctioned and he failed to kill my Plasma gunner. The return fire of the Mecanicus blessed relic did not fail and the Necron was blasted into pieces.

The Ranger Alpha has moved up and secured an objective.

I think I spent three command points on defence dice rerolls in the first turn.

Turn 2

I chose the Canticle that lets me reroll one defence dice when shot at but this makes me slower.

In a Noble sacrifice my plamagunner killed a necron warrior but then died due to the mortal wounds inflicted by is plasma gun when it overheated.

The other plasma gunner also killed himself while killing another Necron Warrior.

Late in the second turn, the Necrons are down to their regenerating boss and an Immortal on 1 wound. At this point we ended the game. Three of the Skitarii gunners were out of action but there were enough models to do all the mission objectives and not enough Necrons to do much about it.

So quick and fun. It certainly is much easier to set up and play a game of this compared to Necromunda but I do miss the roll playing aspect of not being part of a campaign.


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