Necromunda - Van Saars 2 Electric Boogaloo

I got in a second game of Necromunda with my new Van Saar Gang. I played Richard's Goliath gang. We were about the same gang rating. The Goliaths are a real brawler gang so I don't want them to get close if they are still standing up. My strategy will be to try and pin them down and maneuver around grabbing as many objectives as I can.

Here is my Specialist and a Juve preparing for operation distraction.
My leader and my new Neotek on Skyboard ready to go and get some treasure.
My other two gangers ready to go get their treasure and maybe another, which is currently ant the end of the corridor.
At the other end of the table lurks several hundred kilos of stimm fed Goliath muscle. This is the Leader and a Juve
This is the remainder of the gang the Stimmer, two Gangers and a Juve.
My Leader activates with the Neotek. He uses his overseer ability to enable the skyboard rider to activate twice in succession. This allows me to fly over, pick up the treasure and bring it back to be next to my Juve. I then drop the treasure and have the Juve pick it up.
My Specialist moves forward and takes cover behind a wall.
Richards Stimmer, Ganger and Leader start stomping down the hall towards the Van Saars. The floor panels are groaning under the strain.
My Gangers move forwards one makes it to the other box and his partner moves forwards to cover the crate at the other end of the corridor.
My Skyboarder races off to the middle of the table collects the central treasure and then dodges around behind a wall.
My ganger starts dragging the treasure back down the stairs. Richard's Juve has opened the door at the far end ready to make a play for the box.
Here is the center of the board.
My Specialist comes under fire from the Goliath with Grenade Launcher. Fortunately the grenade bounced back from the window sill and exploded. The Van Saar returned the favour by taking aim and sending a focused laser blast down range. The Goliath dropped out of sight and out of the fight.
Here comes the beef train, toot, toot!
The Van Saar's are making it back to the baseline with their treasures.
The Goliath Juve raced through the door and took cover behind a pillar. He then used a sophisticated lock pick and opened the crate. Who am I trying to kid? He smashed it open with his industrial wrench and ripped out anything that looked valuable.
The Goliath's split up, the ganger with combat shotgun and the leader turn right. The shotgunner takes a hit from the Van Saar Leader's plasma pistol and goes out of action. His leader then tells him to walk it off and he gets up with 2 Flesh Wounds.
My Specialist falls back and then tries to engage the Stimmer, even pinning the monster would be enough to prevent him from charging me. But two shots needing anything but a 1 and a roll double 1. I manage to fall back but its not enough to get me fully out of range
The Goliath with shotgun stands up and lays down some scatter shot hitting the Van Saar Leader and a Ganger. Their armour kept them safe from the small caliber pellets. The other Van Saar stepped around the corner and put the Goliath down for the count with a burst from her Laz Carbine.

The Goliath stimmer made it into combat with my ganger. Richard's drug fueled behemoth had 12 attacks on the charge and no amount of high tech armour could ward away that damage. three wounds got through and my ganger got taken out of action. He eneded up with a Humiliating injury.

That proved to be the final action with my remaining on table members backing away from Richard's gang leader. I ended up getting three treasure cache's off the table. Richard decided to invest in a suspensor so his leader can now move and fire his heavy bolter while he advances forward so he can hit people with his hammer.

I added another champion with Long Rifle to my merry band and got a free Juve from my Settlement.


  1. I totally want to see you wearing a t-shirt that says "Here comes the beef train, toot, toot!" haha


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