Frostgrave - Wargamers in the Mists

Wellington might be known as a city of wind. It does have parliament, but yesterday it was really thick mist. Here is the view of the sky outside our gaming venue.

I got in a couple of games of Frostgrave at the club. In the first game I took may alternate warband. This is led by Hugo De Reynard. 

In this first game, we have a knight crossbowman, 2 infrantrymen and 4 miscellaneous bar flys recruited after closing time on Friday night at the Black Dragon Inn.

Most of this terrain is Richard's. He has a nice collection that blends GW pieces with 3D printed pieces.

This is an enchanter warband so he is about enchanting the weapons' of his warband. Thus everyone can end up with a magic weapon. Alternatively he can sell any weapons for bags of gold. He also reveals secrets and makes potions and scrolls. However as it turns out he is better at talking than making magic.

Here we are deployed in our corner. Edward and Thomas have 2 other corners. This is the Mausoleum mission so it will be race to the middle of the table. Thomas is an elementalist who can lay down an artillery barrage targeted from his wizard eye, of fireballs while remaining safe in his bunker.

Edwards warband is a Thaumaturge, supporting his fighters by healing and dispelling buffs.

Here is the view towards the middle of the table.
The wizard leading a crew of soldiers forward
The Apprentice is leading his section of the team forward.
Run, run, run towards the treasure
Some daemons are attracted to the party leading to a redeployment towards the flank.

Guy of Gisbourne and a couple of retainers advance towards the central objective. A swirling melee has broken out between Thomas and Edwards warbands and the animating statues. Thomas responds by nuking the entire site from orbit by blasting elemental balls into clusters of struggling figures.

The apprentice Bertrand leads the entry into the central room. You may notice the lack of my Wizard in these pictures that is because he is temporarily dead for tax reasons. He failed to cast a couple of spells and then took damage from an arrow. When trying to cast heal he failed sufficiently badly to take enough damage to put him on zero health.

Thomas has now secured the central treasure and walled off the other part of the room. Edwards fighters are battling the constructs while everyone is on fire. 
Sometimes it is good being late to the party. My Crossbowman badly damages a construct which is then finished off by Thomas.
Gisbourne hacks down an animated statue with his newly enchanted sword. After the battle Bertrand embeds the enchantment giving Gisbourne a magic sword.
Edwards giant construct makes short work of his smaller cousins but is then destroyed. Thomas is falling back after securing three treasures.
At this point many of Edwards warband are badly wounded and he lacks the capacity to challenge Thomas. Gisbourne make a despairing look at the treasure across the room but decides on discretion.
At this point Gisbourne's head fell of (just the model not in game terms) and the rest of the squad are falling back with the treasure.

The team have now cleared the mausoleum and are falling back to the exfiltration point. We clear out the last few monsters and make our escape.

After the game, the Wizard got better and we were able to collect 300 gold. This enabled the recruitment of 2 more crossbowmen and 2 men at arms so the warband is now fully professional and the denizens of the Black Dragon Inn can be released from their service. The reveal secret helped with this.

The Wizard is now level 1 and the team have taken residence in a tower. They are now ready for their next adventure.


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