Frostgrave - under new management

 After the least battle which ended with the death of Herne, Marion was promoted to the Wizard and hired Isadora a new apprentice. Everyone else was OK so we headed off for a new battle and search for knowledge. We might also have to rescue any gold and jewels that are lying around getting cold.

We encountered Alan's witch warband when we were investigating the ruins of a wizards house. Apparently the dumb waiter system was still working (that's some warranty) even if nothing else was.

Here is the warband, I painted a new wizard and apprentice. Marion is now a bit less frightened young woman one step away from being sent to a convent and is now a force for nature and the freedom of the people of Sherwood.
Here is the team deployed.
Here we are running towards the treasure
The central treasure is up the top of the tower. There will be plenty of elevation in this game. Also we have moved all the high point terrain into the middle of the table to prevent sniper towers in the deployment area from dominating the game.

The team have spread out towards the treasures. Robin and Alan a Dale have moved to the treasure on the left, little John is on the one on the right, Eric of Wickham has the nearest one. Will Scarlet is up the tower and after the central one. Marion teleported up the tower and then Isadora used a scroll of Transposition to swap Marion and Will and then allowing Will to activate.
Crap, Alan's rat-bear appears on the left and smashes Alan out of the game, Robin is covered in a cloud of bees. Nasir manages to shoot an arrow into the monstrous creature wounding it (thus making it more dangerous)
Alan's wizard uses his potion of teleportation to get to to top of the tower. Will promptly stabs him with his magic dagger and pushes him back, although this wasn't the best idea grabbing the wounded wizard as a human shield would have protected him from arrows and prevented Alan's wizard from casting.
Eric is dragging one treasure back, Little John has is hands (paws) on another. Alan has reinforced his rat-bear with his own infantryman (brave Sir Robin) so we have a little Robin on Robin action.
Splat, Marion had to empower the dispel to get rid of the bees, Robin tried to stab the wounded rat but was bashed senseless with one swipe of the paw. Nasir missed a shot at Alan's Wizard, Much managed a couple of points of damage with his bow. Friar Tuck moved up and hands out a healing potion. Isadora manages to blind the Rat monster holding it for a little while.

Nasir attacks the Rat monster but is smashed back and badly wounded, Eric is withdrawing with the treasure, Sir Robin has rushed over and engaged Much. My combat power is collapsing, either they are dragging away treasures or they are taking a nap.
Marion has teleported up to help Will who is now fighting one of Alan's treasure hunters. Will wins a fight but gets wounded
Friar Tuck moved over to help Much and together they manage to wound and drive back Sir Robin.
Little John is being stalked by Alan's templar. He won the first round allowing him to break free, but now Alan's Templar is mad. She only kills people after they have drawn first blood, but then she goes on a rampage.

Alan's templar bounces around the statue and smashes Little John into the snow.

Marion has managed to heal Will and they have now dealt with Alan's treasure hunters and are making their escape down the stairs. The situation on the ground has stabilised, Sir Robin and the Rat monster have been dealt with and I still have some active fighters, although one of them is my rather militant apothecary.

Will and Marion make their escape into the balcony of the ruined tower, Much moves over to take shots at a squad of armoured Skeletons that have bean advancing across the battlefield. Alan's using child soldiers in his warband and his thief is taking cover on the other side of the wall and out of LOS of the undead.
Will and Marion are making their way to the table edge via an alternate route
Nasir has been healed by Isadora and he finished off Alan's wounded Templar and then picks up the treasure. Friar Tuck is falling back to the board edge having to fight in combat is more than he signed on for.

Marion and Will escape the balcony, Marion got to try out her new spell Destroy Undead to zap a Skeleton.

There is a battle over several turns with Nasir trying to get the treasure to safety while Alan's apprentice tried to petrify him and shoot him with his archer. My apprentice managed to apply some healing at the right time to keep him going and a quick fog forced Alan to dispel it rather than petrify me. Eventually we made it to safety.
Marion moved back to the middle of the board where she could provide magical support to either Nasir or Will while being out of LOS of Alan's archer.
Will has almost made it to the edge of the table when an arrows wizzes past his head. Marion laid down some Fog and with that, the defenders of Sherwood made it to safety,

My injured members all made a full recovery.

So we went up 3 levels allowing me to learn Fast Act from a grimoire. I also made write scroll easier and added a health
When I rolled treasure I got a magic sword of +1 fight and 2 staff of power 3. Glad I had plenty of witnesses when I rolled double 20.

There were some pretty scary fights in this one. Alan's rat bear went through many members of my warband. I think the difference is I can heal my fighters enabling to get back into the fight.

One thing that is interesting in this campaign is that many people have spells that rely on will power for defence rather than zap spells. This makes will power more important, so I might have to send Alan a Dale to Bard college so he can sing inspirational songs. Also a brewery could be an advantageous location.

This was a long game so we only got one game in at the meeting. Other people got in more games. Next time I will remember to pack my figures rather than have to go back for them.


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