Ghost Archipelago Pool of Life adventure

After reaching the temple mouth the parties of adventurers and their tribal allies entered a maze of underground tunnels and finally entered the cavern of the Pool of Life.
Here are a couple of overview shots of the table.
The pool of life is the central building. Each group of adventurers is starting in their own corner.

Here is the tunnel of terror that my adventurers have to proceed down to get to the pool.
Alan's tribal allies are waiting to ambush me and stop me getting to the pool.
Here are Alan's tribal chieftain savage and warriors lurking some side passages. There is also a totem warrior and some archers.

The Dwarfs are the guardians of the pool and they are totem warriors and hostile to all intruders.

At the other end of the table, Thomas's crusaders are advancing down their tunnel and trying to get past Richards tribal allies.
 Here are Alan's party making their way down their tunnel they are opposed by my Pict allies.
Thomas's Skink allies are lurking in the ruins of a shrine.
Richards crew make their way down the tunnel.
My crew are making their assault on the tribal warriors. My initial assault was a bit less than spectacular. One crewman died and another was seriously wounded.

The tribal warriors counter attacked and again bounced off my crew. My Mercenary warrior speared the tribal chieftain to death with a critical hit with his spear.
The Dwarf temple guardians enter the fray to drive the intruders from their temple complex.

My Warden is busy blessing every member of the crew with beast strength to make them better fighters.
My Eagle Eye and Marksman are providing fire support while the temple guardian hacks down a tribal archer.
Richard's crew are in a pitched battle with Thomas's skink allies. After a couple of turns of back and forth fighting with wounds taken and given. Richards crew break the skink defence and advance forward.

Alan had placed one of the treasures in an ambiguous location and one of Richards scurvy crew set about getting his hands on it.
Thomas's crew are battling Richard's tribal warriors.
Alan's crew are fighting my tribal allies. One of my braves managed to kill three of Alan's crew before falling to the fourth. My archers accounted for a couple. My Shaman looked for places where his magic would aid his fighters and keep him away from the sharp blades of his enemies.
My crew break through the tribal warriors and finish off the temple guardians, but I am falling behind in the race to the pool of life.
 My crew are also starting to take casualties.
My Heritor killed one of the temple guardians and the way is now open. My Mercenary and one of of my wounded crewmen head towards the treasure that has been claimed by Richard's crewman.
A tiger is seen lurking in the temple pool and several skeleton warriors emerge from the temple walls.
The Tiger is too far away for my Warden to try and control so she makes for the pool of life. My Heritor follows on from his victory over the temple guardian.

My Mercenary and crewman recover the treasure from Richard's crewman. He needed persuading with the point of my spear.
My Heritor is now in range of getting to the pool and drinking from it's life enhancing waters.

Some of the fire pit dwellers have been attracted by the sounds of fighting.
 My shaman is the last surviving tribal warrior out of the 4 war parties. He is able to use his magic to injure Alan's warden with a bolt of lightning.
 All the crews now stand ready to drink from the pool. Some temporary alliances are formed these were short lived and would be broken explosively.

My Warden managed to take control of the tiger and used it to eat Alan's warden. Another tiger has wandered into the area and attacks one of Alan's crew
Thomas's crew make their way to the pool. They are being harassed by a petrified man, one of the new undead monsters.
My Heritor managed to drink from the pool and fortunately duck behind a statue thanks to his surge ability.
Alan used one of the lava pools to spray on my Heritor. He rolled the shooting dice before I could respond and it was a critical 20. Fortunately I had the shadow fold ability and I was able to make the attack miss.

This was a rather spiteful phase of the game with, all the heritors having drunk from the pool people started blasting the rather fragile wardens before they could escape. My Warden was taken out by a crossbow bolt.

Everyone is now pulling back from the fray.

Thomas's warden takes out my Eagle Eye and is in return taken out by my Marksman.
My surviving crew at the end of the mission. Fortunately all the others recovered after the game.

So a good place to end our mini campaign. Most of our heritors are high level and my Warden has just gotten her second bonus spell


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