Kill Team - the Space Ghosts are coming

I enjoyed the game of Kill Team with Alan and got inspired. This is always dangerous. It might be cool to run a kill team campaign on a space hulk with Denizens against boarders.

My tiger heads arrived from Shapeways so I can add the chapter symbol to their pads. I also got some more Blakes 7 ship models.

I also bought a new tactical squad and some push fit marines from Mighty Ape. This gives me enough models to make another team. After looking over the colour schemes I ordered some Star Phantoms shoulder pads from Chapter Customiser.

Alan is running a Zombie game on Halloween. So I am building a new gang. This may be the start of a campaign because Ask Barkers supplement for his Last Days game will out by then. I got the post Apocalypse Scooby Doo gang from Hasslefree. The now all have weapons.
It looks like Fred went to Japan and studied sword fighting, under Hondo Hatori. Velma enlisted in the army and did a couple of tours in military intelligence. Shaggy and Scooby joined a rescue team and Daphnie wnet to work with mexican drug lords and developed a special hankering for mini guns "Old Painless is waiting"

I also got another group of survivors as well the Penn State 5.

My order of MASH doctors from Warlord also arrived.

So it has been a fun few days of assembling and undercoating models.

I have also been building some more hoplites.


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