Frostgrave - Vampires stiring

Its October so with everyone getting ready for Halloween I thought I would make a Vampire warband for Frostgrave. Recently risen from her crypt, my vampire and some followers, there is a Templar a Blood Merchant (very important) and some cultists

The archer is lurking around the corner
On the other side of the river my Man at arms is leading the infantryman a thug and a thief to claim the treasures on that side. The Vampire doesn't get an apprentice but one of the soldiers can activate in the apprentice phase and lead troops.
Here we are advancing between some houses and into the first objective
The right flank team secure their first treasure while the archer looks on and the treasure further down the river. With a group of soldiers you can move faster than an apprentice would
While the thief unlocks the treasure the rest of the warband races down the riverbank towards another treasure. Thomas's thief swam across the river and is now trying to unlock the treasure with frozen fingers.
Things have gotten exciting in the center of the table. Thomas set up a wall and gathered the central treasure. However the creature that made this part of Frostrgave its hunting ground, appeared and attacked. The creature killed one of Thomas's soldiers but was then dragged down and killed. Thomas's warband will eat well tonight.
Having secured a treasure, the Vampire leads the team to a treasure on the flank its under the stairs. The vampire has managed to summon a Ghoul. This took some blood energy, so the Blood merchant moved over and handed the vampire a nice glass of red. 
Three of my soldiers are explaining to Thomas's thief that three into one doesn't go.
A fight is going on under the stairs. The Ghoul managed to kill one of the soldiers before being taken down and then Thomas's wizards started a rolling barrage of grenades and I started running out of soldiers. In the end Thomas claimed this treasure.
The Templar and the Blood Merchant are trying to get to the treasure
We manage to get the third treasure away from Thomas's thief and are now retreating under heavy bombardment.
In the end we make it off the table with three treasures. The infantryman died but everyone else that's important recovered.

In the end we recovered a couple of grimoires and a whole bucket of cash. Annoyingly I didn't quite get enough experience to gain two levels. I chose to learn Bone Dart from the Grimoire. I had enough money for a couple of specialists and a base upgrade.


  1. Love the overall effect. The river is tops.

    1. Thanks, the terrain is all things I have made. The river is a very old resin casting that turns out to be a very nice feature for a winter game.


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