Carnevale battle report

 Last weekend Alan and I played another game of Carnevale. 

Here is my Rashaar crew. I have some non-swimmers in this crew. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone with guns so any combat will have to rely on that personal touch.
Here we are advancing. There might not be any trolls but there are plenty of bad monsters hiding under the bridge.
Here's Alan team jumping into the water to fulfil some secondary objectives. I help out by knocking a couple of other people into the water.
My big frog monster goes over to splash around with Alan's hammer bro. Alan's crossbow armed soldier climbs out of the water before I can pound on him
Alan's hammer bro throws my frog monster under the building and then clambers onto the bridge. The glue failed on the monsters base. My temple warrior runs over the bridge to put the stab on the crossbow guy. Alan's boss is doing a batman routine on the roof of the building. I think thats called "looming with style"
A combat is brewing over the bridge, my Adept goes down under the sharpened kitchen implements of Alan's crew
Alan's boss bounces down and kills the big frog monster then cartwheels over the bridge and onto the roof of the adjoining building. The crowd goes wild and even the East German judge gives out a high score for artistic impression.
My smaller frog is fighting Alan's citizens and escapes a rain of pots and pans. 
Another angry citizen is ganging up on baby frog
My leader swims over and stands next to one of the citizens, then he sucks her soul out to gain more magic points. Alan then throws him back in the water, but that's OK. I drain some life from the central citizen and use that to heal my baby frog. I managed to heal him several times and overall I think Alan killed him twice.
Then I blood boiled the central citizen. This killed her and this caused her to explode. This then killed the other citizen and Alan's crossbow guy I'd been trying to kill all game. 
I'm starting to run out of models. Alan's Capo stabbed my leader. My Hybrid has raced of behind the building to try and take out or at least keep away from the objective Alan's guy with the musket that had been shooting me all game. Alan did a great job of moving last with his boss and then first next turn to get two rounds of stabbing into my leader. 
Alan's musket armed guy threw my hybrid into the water but was then in turn thrown into the water by my tentacle girl. They ended up treading water next to each other and agreeing which bar they will go to for a beer after the game.

My baby frog went to try and throw Alan's child thief into the water, however Alan used a command to react and move back. He then activated and leapt over the frog and stabbed it in the head.
Alan then made a couple of safe moves with his models that had been camped out on the bridge this secured him another couple of objectives.

In the end Alan won 10-5. This was a lot of fun and had some very cinematic moves and spectacular moments.


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