First game of 40K

Last weekend I played my first game of 40K. It has been a long time. I played about 5 games of eight edition and no 9th ed games. So it's been a while and the rules are a bit different and a bit more like Kill Team on steroids.

I took my knights out for a spin against Ed's Imperial Fists.

I have three Questoris knights and 4 Armigers. With the new rules you don't pay points for upgrades so you get a knight with all the trimmings.

Here we are after the first turn. The white knight is quite heavily damaged. The Knight Warden and the Armiger have attacked the tactical squad which is bodyguarding the warlord and his Lieutenant. There are a couple of scouts left in the ruins at the bottom of the hill. The scouts in the ruins at the top have been exterminated.
The ruins around the objective used to have a devastator squad and a dreadnought.
At the back of the table is my Warlord. The Crusader is providing fire support with its rolling barrages (when I remembered the special rules).
The Imperial Fist tanks fire off another salvo of their main guns. While the company captain and his Lieutenant attack the knights. 
Meanwhile at the other end of the table, the Crusader is coming under attack. A large mob of terminators and an assault squad.
The Terminators failed their charge which was lucky. The assault squad made it into combat and started chopping at the knight with their chain swords while dodging its titanic feet. I'm not sure whether this counts as tap dancing or not.
One of the knight armigers walks over to help the Crusader. The Terminators have been thinned down by shooting. Having a three wound weapon helps.
Captain Lysander makes it into combat with the Crusader and kneecaps it with his relic thunder hammer. The Assault squad is down to a couple of survivors and the chaplain.

In the next turn the knights shot down Lysander and the game ended.

So we played almost 3 full turns and it took several hours to play. It's definitely a faster game without all the rerolls. It will be interesting to see how the players get on at Call to Arms.


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