Stargrave - Solo bug hunt

I tried out a game of Stargrave, using the bounty hunter solo expansion. I used a Colonial Marines crew led by Veteran Sergeant Apone with Xenobiological advice from Ripley.

The crew were tasked with clearing out a Xenomorph infestation in an abandoned colony. Can the hero's of Hadley's Hope complete their mission or will they become unwilling members of the hive? Carter Burke wants samples "those would be worth millions to the bioweapons division". So we have to collect samples from the queen to get the full bounty.

The drones start moving towards the interlopers within their hive. Protect the Queen, gather hosts.
More drones start moving to flank the attackers.
The Marines advance out of the M577 APC into the complex.
I've got movement, the marines take up a position in the doorway.
The Drones scuttle forwards into the rooms, towards the tasty humans.
The Drones stalk forward in search of prey.
Contact front, hssssssssssss.
The Marines have taken up defensive positions.
Light em up Frost! Whoosh the incinerator goes off, catching two drones in the blast. 
One of the drones goes down, burnt to a crisp, but the doorway is filled with black shiny carapaces. Frost moves into the room covered by Hudson and Apone. "Remember, short controlled bursts". 
The drones continue to stalk across the comples
The Marines lay down a barrage of covering fire taking down one alien and wounding another.
The wounded alien gets right up on Corporal Hicks before he blasts it with his shotgun.
The Marines clear the first room.
Regrouping in the second room Newt races ahead. She knows she needs to keep out of sight of the aliens.
The next wave of drones is approaching.
The drones attack the marines. One drone makes contact with Hudson.
The Marines blast the other drones
Its now turn seven so the queen stats making her escape. She fails to rip open the portcullis on her first attempt.
Hicks saves Hudson from the alien. All the drones are now taken down so its a hunt to track down the queen.
Ripley leads a team to try and flank the queen. Burke is keen to ensure the team collect samples, followed by Drake, Bishop and Hicks
Apone leads a fireteam forward to hunt down the queen
The queen breaks out of the nest chamber.
The queen, makes a break for the edge of the table.
Bishop, Drake and Hicks follow Ripley and Burke.

Apone, Hudson and Frost bring the Queen under fire. The queen retaliates with a psychic scream that leaves Frost badly shaken. (wounded in one shot) Apone and Hudson blast chunks off the Queens Carapace and she starts leaking acid.
Gorman helps Newt get the box open.
The Queen is now wounded and Bishop goes to collect a sample. the close combat roll is a tie and both take 8 points of damage. That's enough to kill the queen and it leaves bishop badly damaged.
The Queen is down and Bishop completes collecting the samples.

Loads of fun. I did forget the escalating threats which could have brought in more aliens. One thing I realised is that having a fighting commander means that they don't get to use their powers and shoot. So its probably better to have Gorman and Burke leading the crew casting powers and everyone else shooting.  


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