Frostgrave - The Red King Arrives

 The Red King's daemonic dimension arrives with a bang in the middle of the night. All the wizards and their adventuring parties are woken up and turfed out of bed. A dimensional barrier is now contracting towards the center of the city. Anyone that the barrier touches is instantly disintegrated regardless of any magical protection. The only hope is flee ahead of the barrier towards the center of the city.

My warband ends up taking the same route to the city as Richards. There are also some Hrut hunting parties out looking for refugees driven out be the dimensional barrier. My Warband starts over strength with an illusionary soldier and a Zombie. I might not like Necromancy but sometimes even the tools of darkness are necessary. 
Richard's Warband is a bit of a travelling circus. He has leaping bears (literally), which can run forwards and then be magically leapt onto important points of the battlefield. Its a great way to overrun objectives and be strategically aggressive  while maintaining the moral high ground of not actually attacking the other player. With Bears effectively being a free specialist grade warband member that doesn't count as a specialist its a pretty good reason to take summon animal companion.
My Warband is trying to move right to left. There are Hrut warriors guarding the treasure probably dropped by other refugees or casualties. 
My Wizard moved up and cast banishment to affect the two Hrut I could see. One failed its will check and was obliterated. This gave me an opening to seize control of an unguarded treasure.
Here is Marion guarded by my Knight and Templar.
Here are Richards Bears dog and the invisible crew member is next to the treasure.
My Apprentice has teleported to the treasure, this looks riskier than it is. I can activate before Richards bears can get to me. Much, Robin and Eric are advancing down the flank.
Marion group activates with three fighters, she then casts transpose on one of the fighters and the apprentice. The apprentice jumps back to safety and the Man at arms picks up the treasure and runs back behind the knight and the templar. How's that for a parlor trick?
Richards warband have engaged the Hrut. His Dog and Bear end up in a fight and the dog gets bashed in short order and the bear gets whittled down over time. 
My apprentice has dodged back around a building and casts strength on my Failman.
My Thief sneaked past the Hrut guard who looks like he is taking a leak behind the tree. She then used her ring of teleportation to zap down to the treasure. Normally I'd prefer to use other magic to get to the treasure and then us teleportation to the edge of the board. But I need to get to the treasure quickly or I will be in trouble.
My Zombie saw off an armoured skeleton and is now acting as bait for a snow leopard. I moved the Zombie down next to the barrier so that when the leopard attacked the barrier would move over it and kill it off regardless of weather the zombie died or not. My Illusionary soldier is busy occupying one of the Hrut.
I pulled off some more Transpose shenanigans and my poor little vulnerable thief was suddenly replaced by my buffed infantryman with a magic flail. Richards treasure hunter suddenly lost interest in trying to get my thief's telephone number for a meet up after the game. My Flail man proved to no be his cup of team.
Robin and Much are laying down some covering fire at some ice spiders that have shown up in the corner of the board. The Templar, Man at Arms and Knight are moving down the middle with a treasure.
The apprentice and escort make it past one spider. Much shot the other to death.

A late arriving Hrut gave Marion a scare with a critical hit so she was down to two wounds. Here escort then finished off the creature and we ran off the board before anything else could go wrong. Fortunately I had cast shield and combat awareness on myself otherwise it could have been injury rolls.

We found a very dark tomb of Strike dead and one of Awareness. I chose Awareness because Strike Dead is so difficult to cast I would need to use a scroll and that means people would only need to save on a 14.

After a brief rest everyone was ready to trek further into the center of the city. Richard's dog died and now we are cut off from our bases he can't just get another one. I think one of his bears was also too injured to continue but he would be replaced with another one in time for the next game.


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