Frostgrave - what do you mean they are immune to magic?

After escaping from the Daemons, Ed Zane and I all met at a crossroads of sorts. This contained a Null zone and worse was the lair of some Nullmen. These creatures are completely immune to magic and all models that move into base contact lose the benefits of any magic items or enchantments. Fortunately the Nullman are not very powerful in natural combat.

A quick shot of my warband in their starting positions
Over there is Zane's goblin warband.
The anti-magic zone in the middle and the Nullmen (Null Dwarves really). Eds warband is on the far side of the table.
My Team start racing forwards to get to the treasure, Zane has put up a wall of fog to reduce the temptation to get into an archery contest.
We start to engage the Nullmen, they don't like arrows much nor a big sword to the head.
We do some more running forwards, the nearest nullman is starting to take damage from arrows.
We have all advanced to the choke point. Everyone is trying to hang onto some rubble to stopthemselves being pulled into the nullzone in the middle of the table
The Nullman attacks Eric who is busy trying to pick up a treasure.

Chevallier Des Guise, leads the charge and dispatches the Nullman, Eric picks up the treasure. Ed rolled up a Reality Cracks event where we were all dragged 6 inches toweards the center of the table, that's right where the nullzone is. Models touching the nullzone take damage
All the noice managed to wake up a Giant Worm. Robin managed to shoot it with an arrow and did most of the damage while the Knight and the templar finished it off.
Marion moves around to get the illusionary soldier and Isabel the thief then transposed them this got Isabel away from the claws of the panther. Much has picked up a treasure.

The Worm is dispatched and everyone is making a dash for the edge. Zane has laid down more fog that a London PeaSouper. So there is nothing to see on his half of the board. Talk about Goblins in the mist.
Marion, escorts Eric off the table Isabel also has a treasure and so does Much.

So two scenarios down and they will only get harder here. I got a grimoire of Strike Dead. Not really useful I would need to roll a 26 to cast it. I could use a scroll but then it gets resisted on a 14. So its something for a rainy day. I did find a magic bow so that's definitely useful.



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