Frostgrave, making that damn Herald shut up

For days, the Herald of the Red King had been broadcasting messages extoling the virtues of the Red King. Alan and I had tracked him down to where he was broadcasting from.

Here is Alan's warband.
Here is my warband
Here is the Herald and his security team. Little did we know he wasn't doing 80s rock ballads but  actually creating a link between the Frostgrave world and the world of the Red King.

The Herald and his minions have pretty good stats, Alan and I both know Banishment so we quickly got to work on the daemons. Alan soffened them up by killing one, I then finished them off by buffing a Banishment to 18 and having the daemons all fail their saving throws. So the Herald and friends lasted 2 phases.
Alan and I were now in a battle to see who could get the most treasure. My apprentice and some fighters are moving down the left flank. The Reality Crack transformed the table into a pyramid
Alan had laid down some smoke and my Wizard and team had advanced up towards the treasure. My thief picked up a treasure and it summoned a Ghoul.
Alan's warband are a bit further back and his wizard is even further back. I did some tricky shenanigan's with transpose and picked up the central treasure with my templar and swapped him with my man at arms who then ran back through the Fog.
Here is the Ghoul, he is checking out property values in that corner of the table.
My push on the central treasure allowed Alan to capture the two on the flanks. My Captain had tried to run up the hill, slipped and fell down the slope injuring himself.
Alan's thief made a dash for one of the treasures

Alan then laid down some mud to make it harder for me to get to her. So I transposed on of my soldiers with Alan's thief. She failed her will check so found herself in the wrong side of town. I attacked with my Infantryman but he died to a critical stab. My knight then went it to lock down the thief.
A Gorilla and an Ice Toad arrived in what was becoming the monster side of town.
Alan's infantryman counterattacks and battles back and forth with my knight. Eric is now in a fight with Alan's super charged Bear and Templar. Robin is slowly moving around the back looking for a target while he holds his ribs together.
My Wizard and Templar are trying to make a break for it with the central treasure.
I thoought I had the treasure secured until Alan's archer stepped through the mist and skewered by Templar with a critical hit. My Wizard picked up the treasured and then got transposed out of the way. 
Alan's thief made a break for it through the mud and got away with the treasure. My Man at Arms got felled by the Alan's infantryman who was then wounded by my knight and some arrow fire from Much. 
I had 4 casualties and the two models taken out by critical hits were too badly injured to continue. I ended up replacing them with a pair of wardogs. Yeah. Both the wardogs came with special gear. one had a Horn of Destruction and one had a potion of Construct Oil. At least Construct Oil burns and will keep us warm. 

So another exciting game, the mission went sideways when the daemons were banished so early.


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