Frostgrave, destroying the Dimensional Anchors

 The Red King has established some dimensional anchors and is now using them to imprint his dimension of our. Thomas, Zane and I led our warbands on a commando mission to destroy the Anchors in our dimension.

I rolled the lowest score so got to deploy from the least beneficial side.

Advancing between tow ruined towers we spied the dimensional anchors guarded by blood marked Berserkers.

Zane is advancing behind the cover of a wall of fog.
Thomas and his elementalist warband plan of blowing up the pillars with fire.
Zane's goblins scuttle forewards.
My team deal with the Berserkers but we get stuck on the wrong side of the dimensional barrier.
A Berserker beats up one of the dogs I found in the ruins.
We start running for the end of board so we can wrap around into the next section of the torus.
Zane and Thomas have finished blowing up all the pillars so the table returns to normal.
I start racing to get to the middle of the table. There is now more fog on the table than London during a Sherlock Holms mystery.
We manage to grab one of the treasures while Thomas and Zane collect two.
We end up killing off a bear before we make it off the table. So there's a new skin to keep someone warm. One of my replacement dogs dies and is replaced by a wandering Apothecary.


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