Frostgrave, crossing the bridge

 After blowing up the dimensional anchors, or in my case watching on the wrong side of the map while Zane and Thomas did it.

We had to race across a dimensional bridge to destroy the anchors in the universe of the Red King.

Richard and I ended up running for the same bridge.

Here is my warband. We now have Brother Michael the Apothecary and Lassie the Wardog that we found and recruited from other warbands that had been less fortunate than us. We got our illusionary warrior and a zombie. Both Richard and I can cast Banishment so after the first Wizard phases there were only a couple of Hrut left.
Her is Richards traveling circus.
Richards team starts pushing down the flank
We have an illusionary soldier fighting a Hrut while everyone moves up. The white line is a dimensional barrier that we can't cross.
A Hrut warrior takes some damage and appears next to the treasure.
Stilltrying to get rid of the Hrut. it ends up taking some more damage and bouncing right next to my Apprentice.
Richard leaps one of his bears right next to the central treasure and then runs his treasure hunter up and grabs the middle treasure
With all the Hrut blasted off the table we advance to the edge and wait for the dimensional barrier to get out of the way. $%*#$&#% double 6 blocking the way.

There is a tense moment where both warbands line up and walk over the bridge together, Richard gives me a set of robes of arrow turning he can't use. My Wizard now has a magic sword, magic robes, two staffs of power and a scroll. I don't think we suffered any casualties. Now we are deep in the realm of the Red King and its all bonkers.


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