Kill Team - Axemander saves the day

In the proud traditions of Lassie, Axemander - the goodest boy, saved the day and won the Kill Team mission for the Star Striders. With their engine room was invaded with Night Lord Chaos Marines, things were looking grim for our intrepid crew. Chomping two of the chaos marines, he seized control of an objective and counted for scout the field. This brave action represented a 3 victory point swing to the Star Striders and allowed the hard pressed crew a come from behind victory.

 The Night Lords have 7 Marines 6 are normal chaos marines and one is a Berserker champion. The Aspiring champion is a leader and has Mark of Nurgle.
 The Star Striders form up in the enginarium they are unusual that they get 3 models that are specialists but don't count towards the 4 specialist limit. The heavy gets a rotary cannon that's an interesting mix, they also have a combat machine of a death cultist.
The sneaky nightlords are using a veteran with flamer rather than the more typical Plasma sniper. He used the veteran ability to get an initial move to open a door.
 The first turn is over pretty quickly no one has Line of sight to each other so there is no shooting or combat.
 The Nightlords win initiative again, the Berserker charges the leader of the security detachment, the Death Cultist counter charges. The night lords open the door and get ready for a ush into the objective room. The Star Sriders are trying to pack into the middle to get Dominion.

The Aspiring champion finds himself staring down the battle of the rotary cannon, The Start Striders use Decisive shot to shoot first. The Aspiring champion calls on the blessings of Nurgle to increase his toughness and combined with an armour save reroll survived unscathed, his frag grenade doesn't do any damage either.

The Star Striders spend their command points on decisive strike to allow their death cultist to fight first, unfortunately this doesn't achieve anything. The Berserker champion takes two sets of attacks to kill the two wound leader. This gives the Night Lords a point from cut apart.

Turn 3 and the Start Striders  win initiative, crewman expendable is sent to charge the Night Lord leader to block him out of the room and block the other marine from entering with his body. it might only hold them back for a turn but that's better than allowing the marines to rampage into the room and contest the objective.
 Axemander has charge the heavy bolter marine.
 In a "never tell me the odds" the Expendable crewman shanks the Night Lord leader with a perfect series of dice rolls.
 The Night Lords use Decisive strike on their Khorne champion to go first, the champion inflicts 4 wounds but the death cultits make 3 dodge rolls so isn't even flesh wounded. She hits back against the Berserker champion inflicting a fleshwound. The Berserker fights again and cuts down the death cultist.
 The Flamer marine is also in combat with the medic but can't land a killing blow, the Berker champion follows up into contact with the medic.
 Axemander has charged into contact with the Bolter marine on the objective. He was nominated to try and control the objectives so could not shoot. Mr Expendable is still engaged with the chaos marine, filling the corridor with his Iho Stick smoke.

 The Star Striders spring their move to win the game. They control 2 objectives and havelocked down all the chaos marines either holding objectives or in combat. Their Mechanicus engineer teleports into a corner of the board out of LOS and in contact with a board edge. This will give the Star Striders the opportunity to score Engage on all fronts and Scout the field. The Marine on the objective is staring down the barrels of the rotary cannon. However he spoils the gunners aim with a frag grenade. This inflicts a fleshwound, which if it had killed him it would have gained a bonus VP for Death from afar. The Cannon didn't shoot the marine off the objective so the Night Lords held that one.
 The Flamer marine wounds the medic before the Berserker champion finishes her off with his chainsword. Mr Expendable and the chaos marine decisde that fighting isn't for them and neither of them manage to inflict a telling blow with their weapons.
 Axemander attacks the chaos marine on the objective, two hits, two wounds, two failed saves and the little doggie gets to be a great big hero.
 At the end of the game its 13 points to 12 to the Star Striders.
Who's the goodest boy then? Woof Woof.


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