Hobby time - the Apocalypse week 8

I have been making some progress on a number of projects

These are my Red Scopion Kill team. They are an orthodox codex chapter. There is quite a lot of published material about the. The have probably become Forgeworlds house chapter. They are about 50% done, its onto the highlight colours, trim and then the black and metallics.
 The Nova Marines are further along. The basic colours are in place now its the metallics and details.

Here are my Copplestone mercenaries, I got them for Zona Alpha but after watching Ash and Owen break it in 2 games. They could be zombie or any other kind of post apocalypse group. The might even fight Aliens or Predators
 These are the Elysian Starstriders. They are a ship crew, they make a 100 point kill team and they have a commander. I have ideas about them fighting off boarding actions from other teams or exploring places where things that lurk in the dark call home.
 I also found some old models, in some cases 30+ years old and I have been assembling them into a Word Bearers team, I also have a Terminator and a couple of other models to round out the team. Legions like this have access to the full range of chaos models and can allocate the chaos marks to models that can make best use of the mark related abilities.
We are making moves to get back to the office at work so the time of working from home is nearing the end.


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