Hobby Time - The Apocalypse week 7

I have been having fun making progress on a number of projects. I got thinking about who else I could include as a kill team. So I started painting up the Star Striders, they make up an exactly 100 point Kill Team. Given the Night Lords poor showing against the Marines Errant I will give them something else to fight and set up a boarding action against the Star Striders.

I also dug out another couple of Badab War Kill teams, I have some Nova Marines and some Red Scorpions. The Nova Marines blue quarters were painted with some 30 year old GW paint. This came in one of the original boxed sets in a round pot. It still works.

I have also been doing some work on some terrain. I have some ruined buildings from Warlord Games. I added some details with matchsticks and some teddy bear fur thatch. I have some more basing material coming from Scott whenever he gets a restock.

I also have a unit of scifi mercenaries from Copplestone Castings. I got these for Zona Alpha.


  1. Enjoying your updates John. Like you I've been getting through a painting backlog.

    Pretty sure Lockdown was made for hobby wargamers

    1. Thanks Pete, its definitely made for introverts.


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