Kill Team Raid on the Gene Labs

I played a second solo Kill Team game. This saw the Night Lords attacking the gene vaults of the Marines Errant. This is similar to the events in one of the Night Lords novels.

I took video of the game and managed to upload a video of the battle to my YouTube channel. I used my iPad with headphones and a mic. I only pulled my ears off once by moving while I had put the iPad down.

Downloading the videos to my laptop via iCloud and then assembling them take a while so I might do another one and use my camera in video mode. The camera doesn't have a mic so I will need to test the sound pickup.

I got inspired by watching Ash Barker play ye olde classic Space Hulk. I want to try a kill team game on the tiles. I can use the Arena doors. The Genstealers have a sensible AI to control their moves which should be simple to replicate.

It's certainly possible to have fun with a game like this


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