Kill team - all by myself

I tried a solo game of Kill Team today. I got to try out a couple of my kill teams I have been working on. I am able to fit a game on the coffee table.

In this mission its the Howling Griffons against the Flawless Host. It's the impact of the Griffons plasma weapons against the numbers of the Host. The Griffons are using Ultramarines rules and the Flawless host are playing as Emperors Children.

I am using the Arena mission Catacombs. I used random draw of the Arena objectives to simulate objectives and goals set by management with incomplete information, or just being crazy.

The Griffons selected Bounty Hunters, Contain (the scenario special objective), Thin Their Ranks.
The Host got Domination, Contain, Thin Their Ranks
This is the setup before the game starts. I tried to video the game and its harder than it seems to look at the table the camera and the dice tray.

The Griffons had
Tactical Sergeant with plasma pistol and Auspex (Leader)
Tactical Gunner with plasma gun (Sniper)
Sternguard Gunner with plasma cannon (Heavy)
Tactical Marine with bolter (Comms)
Company Veteran with flamer and chainsword
Company Veteran with powersword and grav pistol.

This team has no combat specialities

The Host consisted of
Cultist Champion, pistol and knife (Leader)
Chaos Marine Champion plasma pistol and powersword (Zealot)
Chaos Marine with autocannon (Heavy)
Chaos Marine with plasma gun (Sniper)
2 Chaos Marines with bolt pistol and chainsword
2 Chaos Marines with bolter

All the Host have Mark of Slaanesh

Neither army is particularly close combat focused

 I struggled to find out how to control and objective initially I thought it was 3" but I found it in the book to be 2" so a couple of models are an inch out of position to control an objective.Both teams suffered from the same level of incompetence so it didn't really matter.

In the first shot of the game, the chaos marine with the auto cannon shot and killed the Griffon with the Plasma Cannon (seconds before he was going to shoot back). While the odds were not 3720 to one, they were not much better but the chaos marine made it look easy. That's 25% of the Griffons points taken out in one shot. As Alan said later now I know what its like to play me.

There is a big firefight in the central room. The Griffon with the flamer ends up with 2 flesh wounds and inflicts one.
 The Host heavy weapons move up to take the objectives and block the Griffon flanking team. The Bolter marine slides back to prevent him being picked off at range.
 The Host move to counter the Griffons flanking movements.
 The Host marine attacks the Griffon, the Griffon inflicts a fleshwound with the grav pistol on over watch, Avoids the chainsword attacks then inflicts another fleshwound with his powersword. I the nest turn he guns him down with the grav pistol and then camps the objective.

 This is the position on the left flank, the Host are going first so the Griffons play decisive shot and shoot down their plasmagunner. The Host autocannon gunner then shoots the pasma gunner and gets a bad case of the misses. both shots miss, then he uses Endless Cacophany and shoots again, however this only inflicts a fleshwound. The sergeant misses with his plasma pistol.

Turn 3 and the Griffons with initiative, On the left flank, their plasma gunner readied and the sergeant advanced to control the objective. The Host marine charged into combat to avoid getting shot by plasma weapons. The sergeant and the Host marine both survived the close combat.

In the shooting phase the marine plasma gunner fired at the autcannon marine, one dice hit and one was a one, but being a sniper he rerolled that into another one. Both marines ended up dying.
 The champion and friend are delighting in their shared suffering while they dominate the central objective. In the background the bolter brother is engaging the Griffon comms specialist in hand to hand combat. Or maybe he is getting his phone number. The aspiring champion failed both his charges in this game so he really wasn't that interested.

The Marine leader dialled up his Plasma pistol and fired at the marine, hit first roll was a 2 but the Emperor smiled and the reroll was a hit, this killed the host marine, leaving the Griffons in control of the objective and a bonus score for them for the mission specific objective.

In the end the Host were victorious, being able to control the central objective and dominate it for 3 turns proved to be the difference. In the last turn the Griffons scored points to close the gap but it wasn't enough. If the game had continued the Griffons might have been able to hunt down the rest of the host but that would have prevented them from holding objectives.


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