Hobby Time - The Apocalypse week 6

In the endless Sunday afternoon that is the New Zealand Covid response I have still being doing a selection of more hobby things.

I have been doing some more work on my slowly growing Roman project. I have bee doing some work on the characterful elements for the Roman camp. Here are some servants ensuring that our heroes have somewhere comfortable to return to after a triumphal day out at the wars.

Here is a medicus tending a legionary, assisted by one of his friends.
 These are some shields I have been working on. These are decorated with Little Big Men transfers. These transfers work best over a white background. The transfers are different from the old waterslide, you cut them out and then stick them "face down" to the shields, then you wet them to get the backing paper off.

I then used paint to colour the rest of the shield to match the transfer and darkended them a bit at the bottom.
These are Auxilary Infantry shields. I used the Warlord Games Waterslide transfers. Thease are like the old Airfix ones. I painted the shields first and then applied the transfers. I used a a couple of different shades of red to give the shields some shading.
 The transfers are still a little glossy but a quick spray of matt varnish later in the painting process is going to sort that out.

Using shield transfers is a bit fiddly but way less time consuming than trying to paint on shields that detailed especially in anything like those numbers. I do have some units with other shield colours so it will make for a colourful battleline.

I have enjoyed using AK interactive Decal Adapter. This softens the transfers and helps them stick better to the surface and is great for making transfers conform to a complex curved surfaces like marine shoulder pads.

Just to keep my hand in the 40K universe here are my crazed fast food workers. These guys have run out of supplies for their burger patties and have come storming out to find more supplies.
"Genuine all beef patty sir?"
After so many weeks without a game I have set up a kill team board on the table. I now need to work out a way to play solo or see if I can host a game with Alan or Richard over Zoom. I need to work out a way to get a webcam pointed at the table.


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