Wargame of the Roses

To scratch a historical itch and create a new wargaming group within the club, Pete and I have decided to get into War of the Roses. We will be doing 28mm DBA armies. This is great because you get to paint a small army made out of a box of Perry's plastic infantry and a cannon.

We can then make the larger battles using the DBA big battle rules and generate the appropriate level of paranoia. I think armies will form much like MMP governments, either as necessary evils or an unhappy marriage of the unwilling.

So far we have been planning this for a week and have 4 players. Pete will be the vile and treacherous Warwicks. No he is not allowed to paint them green and purple like all his other armies.
Apparently a Tailby was found down a coal mine with the Lancastrian army payroll after the battle of Towton. I have no idea if I am related to this person but it makes for a great story.

More updates with models shortly.


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