Imperial Knights march to war

This weekend was a good hobby weekend.
My Codex Adeptus Mechanicus arrived on Friday night. So I ripped that open and started reading it. Adeptus Mechanicus wasn't even an army when I stopped playing 40K so a lot of this was new to me. This also gave me the "official rules" for the Imperial Knights or Questor Mechanicus as they are named in the Codex.
I got some new strategems to use on the knights. These would come in handy in the games.

I took the knights down to the club and got in a game with them against some mostly bike mounted marines. Blessed with some sanctified blue tac, the knights marched to war.

The knights took first turn and pinned the marines down in their deployment zone. By the end of my turn 1 I had killed a tactical squad a bike mounted command squad and most of a squad of bikes. From there my opponent never really got a chance. Bike squads got pincered by the knights and squashed, melted or blasted apart.

I had a scary moment when the multimelta attack bikes shot up one of the knights and then the enemy general charged in. I took about 15 points of damage in one turn. Multimelta bikes are definitely higher on the kill priority.

Here are the front of the knight torsos. I am going for heraldry with transfers on them and overall Dragon theme, hence the scaled tops and flames. Lots more shading on the flames to get the build up to white at the bottom.

The knights will get real names but currently they are, black one, red one and white one.

Here is the back of the torsos, you can see the different heraldry on the back of the shoulder plates. All three knights use the same three colours and they each use the other two colours to form their back heraldry.

Here are some plates and banners for the knights, you can see the dragon logos on the shield and banner.

So getting close to an interesting army. this is certainly different to the standard meta.


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