Infinity snipers and Imperial Dragon Knights

I got in another game of Infinity down at the club over the weekend. I used my Aleph again. I changed the list a bit so I got some practice using some new models while still retaining a core of similar models. If you change your army list all the time you don't learn how to use the models better.

This time we just played Annihilation, this is the Infinity version of kill the enemy. The mission is about killing loads of the enemy while staying alive. Oh and completing your classified mission objectives as well.

Ryan won the roll and chose table sides and deployment. I chose to go first to try and take off some of Ryan's pieces before they got going.

Here are my Forces in their inital positions. The Total Reaction Bot with HMG is in the middle of the table.

I ended up with Ryan's Fiday assassin parked just outside my deployment zone in the middle of the table. In this photo the Fiday is just on the other side of the building from my troops and doing a great job of impersonating a granny just back from the shops.

Here are a group of models taking cover behind the SWAT truck.

I put Atalanta the Aleph sniper queen up in a ruined tower in the corner of the table . From there she had pretty good lines of fire over the table. Atalanta has a spotter bunny bot to help her shoot straight

The game started with my Hacker casting assisted fire on the tac bot with heavy machine gun. that then slid down to fire at Ryan's Sniper. I won that duel and the sniper went down. Then I spent about 5 orders on Atalanta while she zapped off models all over the table.

 Ryan's turn one started badly when his first impetuous order was towards the mine laid by my mine layer. this killed 2 models including his hacker.

I think at the end of that turn Ryan had managed to kill my Netrod beacon.

There was a big duel between Ryans guy with a machine gun and Atalanta. I kept winning but Ryan either passed all his armour saved or fell over and was then revived by his doctor.

In my Turn 2 I managed to break a Myrmidion into Ryan's back field and he cleaned up several basic soldiers and doctors before getting gunned down.

Ryan did do a nice move when he snuck forward his observer and forward observed Atalanta. Hi held the laser pointer while dodging sniper bullets like a pro.
In the end it was an 8-2 victory to me.

I was also able to get some more work done on my Imperial Knights. This is a progress shot of the shields that go on the models right shoulder. its a place to put any heraldry that marks out the knight. These need more shading and highlights, especially the black.

The knights are coming along nicely and I might even be able to tack them together enough for a game next weekend.


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