Colonial Africa

I will be scouring my collection of old figures for models that are suitable for colonial Africa skirmishes.

I found an interesting article in Wargames Soldiers and Strategy about adapting Saga for Colonial. The article comes complete with a colonial and native battle boards. You can even use the horse and camel rules for mounting units with the corresponding reduction in defensive stats and the reduction of shooting range to medium representing carbines rather than rifles.

I also have a copy of Congo rules made by Studio Tomahawk and the Men who would be Kings (AKA Pith Helmets Rampant). So there are plenty of options for intrepid explorers to face down fierce natives.

I have some plastic colonial British from Perry's some Zulu warriors from Warlord and some Mahdists and ACW Zouaves from Perry's the terrain can be a mix of 40K plastic palm trees, plastic aquatic terrain.

The Zouaves will make excellent Askaris or Ruga Ruga. The Mahdists will either be themselves or Zanzibar slavers.

I have some useful bits from the Saga Arab models that can be mixed into the other models to make units in Turbans.

I am not sure whether doing a refight of Umbutu Gorge is going to get me in trouble with the PC brigade.

African huts also look easy to make and also are suitable for Neolithic huts.


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