Snow bases and pirates

I have been working on my bases for my 40K armies. I have been adding snow to the rock bases for the knights and supporting infantry.

To make the snow I used a mix of baking soda, PVA glue and water. I then added a coat of white paint to brighten up the colour where the colour from the herbs leached through.

I have also been working on laying down the base for the gold colours around the edges of the panels. I am using the Foundry colour Beasty Brown. I can then add two different shades of Vallejo air gold to make the gold mix.

I have been making some progress with my colonial African skirmish. The Congo rules look really good. plenty of opportunity for cinematic moments where explorers get mauled by a Lion or bashed by a Gorilla. I watch Kong, Skull Island last night. Very much what I was thinking of for my colonial skirmish. I may also have more of a Cthulhu bent for Congo rather than strictly historical. Again it's a game where you can get into it with a few plastic warrior models. Maybe something along the lines of "Those Daemons don't like it up em! No Sir."

I also got the compressor set up in the garage so I can get into spraying colours on my terrain. I dug out my City of Death terrain box and glued together loads of buildings to form my Forge World terrain for my Adeptus Mechanicus. I will also expand it with ruined machinery made from bits of plastic.

Tonight I also received a care package from Northstar games. My NickStarter for FrostGrave Ghost Archipelago arrived. A NickStarter is like a Kick Starter except the models arrive in the same century as you order them.

The models for that game will also do double duty in Congo. Exploring cyclopean ruins in the jungle, what could possibly go wrong? Those models look like they could also make good Zanzibar Arabs or Ruga Ruga in Congo. I can convert some with muskets from other colonial figures to make them a bit more colonial. I can also use the figures in games of Frostgrave. I have a Not Tarzan from Warlord games and

Right just off to check on the size of the printed tokens I am making for Infinity. They need to be the right size to go with the glass bezels. That gives me a slightly magnified effect.


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