Its my Birthday and I will Ski if I want to.

I went away for a few days this week. Normally this would mean less hobby time, but always on the lookout for some new inspiration, several of the photos do great inspiration for Rock and Snow terrain. Amazing how you got the dark brown volcanic rocks, red brown vegetation, bright green moss and white snow. This is good reference material for my Knight army.

I am also looking at projects for 2018. The club has already kicked off a DBA War of the Roses project. We have 6 people interested. I got some more specialty models from Firestorm Games to go with the Perry's plastic. I think I will do them as Lancastrians from Towton. Blue and white livery. The plan is to fight 4 major battles of 2018 with smaller skirmishes in between.

I also am interested in some more skirmish games. Some other people are interested in colonial battles so I got a copy of Congo rules and a box of Perry British. I can use them against some Mahdists I got a while ago to use as a Warhammer Empire unit, back when that was still a period people played.

Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago is also coming shortly so some of the colonial models will be able to do double duty as pirates. I might need to go to the pet store to get some more fish tank terrain.

I am also continuing to work on my Knight army for 40K. I got in a game last meeting. I have also dug out my Imperial City terrain to start working on some 40K terrain. I bought this ages ago and it has sat in my war gaming cupboard for a number of years. It's nice to put it together. Looking forward to spraying it red for Adeptus Mechanicus terrain. Loads of inspiration on the internet.

I also got myself an airbrush compressor, this beats using air pressure from car tyres. So not bad for a birthday bash.


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