Stargrave Campaign - the broken fence

In this mission I was playing against James's gang. In this mission we were trying to make contact with an Imperial Security Bureau who had information about the location of some rogue scientists unaccounted from the clone war. James's crew contained several members that had undergone significant chemical, genetic or cybernetic enhancements so he was interested in the same information or perhaps hoping to locate medical specialists that can support his crew.

The Empire would also be interested in these specialists. Weapons division will be able to find a use for them.

In this game I thought I would bulk everyone up to form a Schwerpunkt and then mass enough firepower to overwhelm part of the of the table while the Rodians acted as a distraction. 
The team advance through the building.
The Rodians start their distraction. I'm not sure whether this involves folk music or Improv at this point.
The next phase of the advance is going well.
Darth Vader has secured the first loot and Lord commander Sorin has made it to the central treasure. 3 of the 4 Ferrox are down. However the last one has gotten really angry and has just eaten Boba Fett. (critical hit).
Greedo is chaisng down James's hacker and has shot down one of James' crew. Go Greedo go!
My Gunner took some fire and when he recovered from being pinned down he fell back to the smoke cloud. We have managed to fail to shoot the Ferrox.
Disaster, Lord Vader is felled by a critical hit from the Ferrox. This causes him to drop the physical loot he was carrying. . Lord Commander Sorin managed to defeat James's drone.
Lord Commander Sorin and Triple Zero exit the central building. The Commando droid is locking down the Ferrox.
My Gunner has recovered from being stunned and has fallen back into the building to cover the retreat.
One of the Commando droids also got eaten and getting rid of this Ferrox is taking way too long. Dollar signs are now going off in James's eyes and it looks like he has come up Jackpot.
Triple Zero escapes with the loot. Sorin is wounded by fire from James team and his chances of getting a second loot counter are decaying like an unstable isotope. In an attempt to preserve his life, Sorin bails out of the mission.
The Gunner covers the retreat. James sends over a drone to make sure the newly arriving pirates will go in my direction.
A Bile Worm slithers towards the sounds of the fighting or more accurately the running and screaming.

So Triple Zero made it off the table which turned out to be money. Lord Commander Sorin and the gunner made it off as well. Everyone else needed to make survival rolls but they all made it out OK.

I got just enough experience to make both characters level 2. 

We didn't get any information on the location of the rogue scientists. 


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