Hobby update - my kitchen bench a wretched hive of scum and villany

After watching a number of terrain and diorama experts like Kathy Millat. I got inspired to have a go at building some Tatooine style buildings out of offcuts of polystrene. After one former monitor box and some recycled scraps I have enough buildings to make a settlement for a game of Stargrave.

Here is what the buildings look like with the bits glued together and attached to a base. I have also applied a coat of poly filler to smooth out some of the joints.

I also dug out some of my bits from my Mantic Scifi terrain crate and some resin bits I think I got from TT combat. This will add nice extra detail to the buildings.

Here are a selection of the buildings. They have been coated with layers of tile grout. Initially I tried to make a slurry but this alternated between too runny and too thick in the same batch. I got better results applying a layer of glue and then sprinkling the tile grout on and then spritzing with water to soak it in. The buildings have removable roofs to allow the game to continue in doors. The doors are also removable. The larger open areas are backed with plastic mesh.

Here is a close up shot of one of the buildings. Next they are ready for painting and details like awnings, rubbish piles and mechanical gubbins.

Alan gave me some nice strips of polystyrene which I have built into stage 2 buildings the first is an open air walkway.


  1. Those look good John. Tile grout is something I've seen guys use for terrain and it seems to achieve excellent results.


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