Stargrave - what can you do against such reckless dice?

I got in my first game of Stargrave on 2022 on Saturday. I tried out my Empire crew again. Again we used the modified Bounty Hunters scenario. We increased the number of locations to 5 and the size of the defending warband. 

For this mission we needed to defeat a weird alien Pondo Pondo who has mysterious psychic powers.

Pondo Pondo and his crew have set up camp in an abandoned quarry to sell arms and information. Pondo is waiting for his clients to arrive when the Empire and the Corporate Alliance arrive to crash the party.
Another view of the quarry showing erosion cut rock seams and what you can do with polystyrene.
This is my Revel AT AT kit. The model comes like this in the box. Next will be to improve the paint job. The legs are fully articulated and the head can move.
Here is part of the team. Unfortunately I positioned my machine gunner badly.
Darth Vader leads the rest of the team through the defiles and canyons.
Pondo's crew start to respond to the incursion. A barrage of blaster fire wounds my machine gunner before he can fire a shot.
Alan's corporate crew attack the other side of the encampment. The red headed Recruit proves to be a real spitfire and starts beating up Alan's crew.
My team have begun their assault and laid down smoke to cover their advance and minimise return fire.
Darth Vader leads the assault. he ends up running through the smoke and into combat with the Burner. The commando droid and Boba Fett toss some frag grenades into the clump of troopers killing two Recruits and wounding another.
Pondo got a bit crisped by a blast from a flamer. Pondo now wandered over and tried to melt Darth's brain with his psychic powers. However Darth's will was too strong.
The rest of my team advance. 
Darth is in combat with two enemy fighters. He slashed the burner and then countered the attack from the trooper inflicting wounds on both tof them.
Alans team are involved in a big scrum near the first treasure. Alan's hacker has snuck around behind the building and reached a console.
Boba Fett leaps over to help Darth Vader and pulls off the trooper leaving him in combat with the Burner. The rest of the Empire team have moved forwards to engage. The other Rodian has been injured. Greedo has fulfilled his purpose and getting shot first 
In a disaster of a turn Alan rolls 4 20s and a 19 in a row and half my crew disappears.
Pondo wanders off and blasts Boba Fett with is psychic powers. Boba is left badly wounded by this. In spite of which he takes out the Burner.
Pondo's clients have arrived to check out the merchandise. My Machine gunner tried to delay them but did not last long.
Boba engages in combat with the wounded Pathfinder and the trooper engages with the last soldier clearing  a path for the droid Chisler to sneak though and grab a crate of weapons
The last moves saw the Mega City blockers shoot down my Droid. My Storm Trooper was defeated and Boba Fett was shot while attempting to escape.

No one of my crew made it off the table. Pondo escaped and Alan made it off the table with three treasures. 


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