Stargrave - start of the campaign

 On Saturday we started our Stargrave campaign. Alan, Richard, James and I played a couple of 2 player games. I am using my Star Wars list.

Lord Vader is leading a team in search of clues about the locations of possible force sensitives or Jedi that escaped Order 66. 

Richard and I were playing the "Botched Deal" Scenario. Some Weequay pirates have set up a temporary camp and are selling some information and other goods they have pirated away from previous owners who could not look after them properly.
The empire force close on the pirates, we have laid down a smoke grenade to minimise the return fire. Richard and I both rolled so low for initiative we woke up some additional pirates.
The Weequay are guarding their loot and trying to work out who is attacking them. Richards corporate team are approaching from the top of the picture.

Darth Vader has made it the first treasure and unlocks it with his lightsaber. Greedo is engaging the Weequay hoping they have some bounty on them. The rest of the team are retrieving the other objective.
Darth is doing a good job looking dramatic with his cloak swirling in the smoke. Triple 0 has made off with a box off goodies and Lord Commander Sorin has downloaded the latest stock exchange information. Richard's Robo dog has been sent over to sit on the middle objective so I can't just nick it while Richard is dealing with the Weequays.
I think Richard has dealt with his share of the Weequay and is moving back with one treasure on the right and about to secure one on the left.
Darth Vader has managed to retrieve the central treasure and is breaking for the edge of the table. Boba, the commando droid and Greedo have dealt with the Weequay. Richard has laid down a Holographic wall and is withdrawing in the opposite direction.
Lord Commander Sorin is exfiltrating to with the data loot, covered by the storm trooper and the commando droid.

We made it back to the dropship, we recovered two physical loot and one data loot. This turned out to be a grapple hook, some advanced picks and a secret. No body was injured and we got enough experience to get everyone up a level each. 


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