Defecting to the Imperium

Back from the Committee meeting Richard and I set up a second game. We decided to try 150 points and an outdoors setting.
Having a larger kill team allowed me to fit in some extra models, it also means that the there are a lot more models than just the specialists.
We were playing the narrative rescue mission, we  decided that this meant that someone with information about Huron's whereabouts wanted to defect to the Imperium. The Star Phantoms want this information so they can find an kill Huron and a squad of Astral Claws were trying to get the information back.

I chose to divide the table into halves longways because this gave me the best use of the buildings.

Here are my kill team deployed across the table both on the ground and with elevated position for fire support.
Richard's Astral Claws deployed opposite, he was using a couple of models with jump packs.

Richard went first and the jump marines raced forwards, My Medic stimm packed the Zealot who charged round the corner. Everyone else readied or moved into better positions
 Richards ground forces moved forwards into no mans land, the heavy bolter marine and the comms specialist discover the defector, so now all I have to do is kill my way through all or Richards team and take the objective off him.

My Readied plasma gunner fired at the heavy bolter marine and even with the support of the comms specialist missed. Richards gunner fired back and didn't. We decided that being given a plasma gun was a death mark.

My combi plasma marine attracted a lot of fire and ended up with a flesh wound. We managed to kill Richards plasma gunner before he could fire. My Grav gunner missed twice shooting the assault marine.

My Tactical marine raced forwards and sheltered behind a statue of Huron, magically preserved through the bombardment, unlike the statue of the Imperial eagle while lay cracked and ruined.

My Zealot made short work of his opponent with his Relic blade.
Richard won the initiative and hist tactical sergeant assaulted my marine, my close combat marines race forwards. My Comms specialist raced over to support the firebase.
 Stimmed up by my medic the Zealot charged into combat with the Astral Claw tactical marine. Richards fireteam exchange fire with mine.
Richard's comms specialist gets take out with a plasma shot, My Zealot makes short work of the tactical marine and looks around for another victim. To make amends for last turn, my grav gunner kills the assault marine with one shot at long range.

My Tactical marine survives being powerfisted and falls back out of combat, by close combat fighters make it into combat with Richard's leader and a tactical marine. My Zealot charged another tactical marine.
My powerfist marine and Richards leader exchange fleshwound. Richard used death denied to avoid being vaporised. My Zealot only managed to inflict a fleshwound as did my chainsword veteran.

My Tactical marine survives a plasma gun hit with a 6+ saving throw, that's his second in a row.
My fire support unit had managed to kill Richard's heavy bolter but had lost the combi plasma now.
My Combat marines manage to finish off their opponents, the Zealot kills his opponent and my medic climbs up to rescue the defector.

My Star Phantoms managed a convincing victory. I was using the Salamander chapter trait and this gives me a number of rerolls per turn. This proved to be rather effective, especially if you have one model doing the fighting and one key shooting model per turn. 

The Medic - Zealot combo is also good.

So loads of fun all round and great to be able to get multiple games going in the same day.


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