Another Day - Another Kill Team

After playing a couple of games last weekend, I found some of my chaos marines and the cultists I made for Necromunda. Its great to come back from a weekends gaming and being inspired to get creative.

I re-based the marines on 32mm bases and have a number of cultists ready to back them up or clog up the enemies guns. Some of the marines are old enough to be metal models.

I have 11 marines which gives me plenty of options. I will probably go with a 7 marine team or 6 marines and 3 cultists. The chaos models have more limitations on weapons than loyalists especially when you include elites 

I am trying the AK interactive cracked earth fluid that I bought a couple of weeks ago and have some small cat litter rocks embedded in the goo. It will be interesting to see how this dries. I do like the vallejo earth texture I bought from Scott at Call to Arms. This has been useful on element bases to blend in the molded bases. It is also great to make the ground to go around small rocks, otherwise the rocks can look like they are floating on the ground rather than part of the earth.

I also converted an Icon of vengence out of a 30 year old skelleton lance and some Ogre banner pieces. I also got to have some fun with free handing the banner design.

I put the shield transfers on a commands worth of Hoplites. The Little Big Men shield transfers have a sticky top layer so you put the transfers on backwards rather than the traditional water slide transfers. I sprayed the shields with gloss white and then applied the transfers. Then I went through with some decal softener to smooth the fit of the transfer to the curve of the shield. Otherwise you get wrinkles in the transfer. This will also be useful when applying shields to marine shoulder pads.


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