A productive weekend

Adele was away for the weekend watching the Fleetwood Mac concert. Unfortunately this meant I didn't get in any games. On the upside I was able to get in plenty of hobby time.

As usual I have been working on a variety of different projects.

I have been doing some work on my Chaos Space Marine Kill Team, the Dark Tusks.

Here is a close up of their Icon of Vengence. Its fun to have ago at freehand from time to time.

I have also been making some more Kill Teams for our Badab War campaign. I bought a couple or marine tactical boxes some of the hero marines and I now have three more kill teams.

These are the Sons of Medusa, they are a splinter group successor chapter of the Iron Hands. They maintain their forbears hatred of weakness so there are a lot of bionic rebuilds. I got an Iron Hands upgrade kit to provide the bionic parts.

With the White Dwarf July featuring the use of Daemons in Kill team I got a box of plague bearers and a pox bringer. Unfortunately its not enough to make 100 points so I need another box of plague bearers to make a kill team especially one over 100 points. They are kind of one dimensional but might be fun for a change.
 Here are the Mantis Warrior Kill team. They are optimised for close range fighting.
These will become the Fire Hawks. They were the first chapter to get involved in the fighting when one of their ships was captured by the Mantis Warriors. Their signature tactic seemed to be nuking civilian populations from orbit from their enormous star fortress. If the rumors are true the chapter was lost in the war a few years after the Badab War and may have come back as the legion of the dammed
 I got a box of Warcry models. These are the snake tribe, they have an elf gladiator theme going. These look fun to paint
I have also  been doing some work on my hoplite armies. Here are a group with shield transfers applied on a white background. The transfers needed a bit of decal softener to adapt to the complex curve around the edge of the shield

Here is another batch getting bronze shields prior to the application of decals. These will mostly get the club of Hercules which is the symbol of the city of Thebes. I used a couple of different Privateer Press bronze and gold colours. These shields look pretty bright with the sun shining on them.


  1. That's a lot of work, well done! Love Fleetwood Mac, so many awesome songs.

    1. I enjoy Fleetwood Mac as well. I have quite a good set up so I can spend time each evening doing some hobby. I think its important to have a creative outlet to have a different perspective to work.


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