Badab War Kill Team narrative campaign

We will hopefully be doing some more Kill Team at the Club this weekend.

The idea is to get a number of different people to play Kill Team missions based on the events of the Badab War. Kill Team is an easy game to get into, all you need is the equivalent of a squad box and you would have the ability to make a viable team.

Marines are tough to kill with basic weapons. Here is a Youtube report from Ash and Owen, showing just how much effort it takes to kill a marine with basic weapons.

This matches my experience playing Alan last time. Almost all the casualties were caused by power
fists or plasma guns.

Because you only need to build and paint a few models to play Kill Team, its easy to get into the game and the opportunities to buy some models that interest you convert and paint them and then get into the game are plentiful. Its also way less commitment than to building a full scale 40k army.

Here are some more models I am building. In the background are some more Tiger Claws. I the foreground are some Star Phantoms AKA Space Ghosts. I am waiting on some shoulder pads from Chapter Customiser.

I also found some ork models from one of the old starter boxes. These now make up a kill team.
Also in the shot you can see some zombie survivors for Alan's Halloween game.


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