Badab War Palace of Thorns - Sub Level C

With the Palace of Thorns under attack by the forces of the Imperium, the Star Phantoms were leading the attack on Huron's head quarters.

While major battles raged all round, deep in the sub levels of the palace teams of special operatives fought and died in the dark.
I made a Kill Team board out of Necromunda tiles and the wall set I got from Death Ray Designs. 6 necromunda tiles make a great board.
Here is my WIP kill team of the Star Phantoms. As befitting their doctrine I have a mix of melee and shooting weapons so I can deliver death in all manner of ways. I am trying out some new specialists, I have a Comms and a Medic, a leader and a Zealot.

I have ordered some shoulder pads from Chapter Customiser, on the site they are called the Space Ghosts. Unfortunately the shoulder pads have not yet arrived.

Because this represents a sub level we played with At Close quarters and no scouting phase. We played the Sweep and Clear mission.
Here are my kill team doing a multi pronged adance. I also had my grav gunner off table as a reserve.
Richard selected a kill team from his elite Sternguard models as befits the Astral Claws doctrine. So thats a heavy flamer and multiple combi plasma gunners, about to come around the corner.

Here are my fire support element, I have my sergeant, comms specialist and plasma gunner.

In this picture I now don't have a plasma gunner. Richard shot first and nailed my guy with a plasma shot.
My Medic stuck my Zealot with a stim packs and hopped on combat juice, my Zealot raced across the table into combat with one of Richards marines. Unfortunately I had to reroll the charge so I used both my command points, that meant I did not have any points left for outflank.

 With 5 attacks with a power sword Richards marine was taken out.
Next turn I charge into Richards leader. My medic stimmed up my company veteran but he failed the charge into the flamer marine even with a reroll.
 Richards guys came around the corner and eliminated both my medic and my veteran.

My Grav gunner came on as a reserve and stepped over the body of the plamagunner, supported by the comms specialist and the sergeant with his auspex he was able to kill the Astral Claws comms specialist.

My Zealot finished off Richards Leader and turned towards the Astral Claw scout. Then Disaster.... I failed the broken test roll with an 11. I immediately lost the scenario. Curses victory evaporated from my grasp like ectoplasmic mist.

Thomas borrowed my Ork kill team and he played a game with Richard while I went to the committee meeting. 


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