Local club tournament

The Warlords hosted a small 40K event at our club meeting. People had a lot of fun. There were also a variety of other games going on.
 Here are some games from the tournament.

Here are some Imperial knights beating up on some Tyranids.

This was a 3 person game of 30K era marines bashing on each other using an adaptation of the 40K rules for their models.

The Thousand sons demonstrated how annoying they are standing there taking hits and not failing saves.

 Just to prove the club does play games other than 40K, here was a full thrust naval game. This was a convoy escort mission trying to break past a blockade. The game resembled a ww2 bomber escort mission with the attackers being held off long enough for the convoy ships to slip away. It also demonstrated how difficult it is to intercept ships on a reciprocal vector. You get one head on pass and then its hard to turn around and catch up

This was a game of DBMM. Phyrus vs Pathians so almost historical opponents. There were some very nice models and the game really resembles large scale armies scrabbling at each other.

At this meeting we had about a dozen different games going on.


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