Kickstarters, set crystal balls to high resolution

I backed the Terrain crate kick starter from Mantic games back in 2017. The kick starter arrived here a couple of days ago. I got 3 terrain boxes and a set of scifi doors. The terrain pieces look good and some will be useful for all sorts of games. The little horse and carts might be useful in Saga for one of the escort scenarios. The mine carts can be useful for all sorts of things including pulp periods and there are enough boxes to hide the Ark of the Covenant. So loads of boxes and other scatter terrain that is almost timeless.

Back when I backed the kick starter I was playing a lot of Frostgrave and this stuff looked perfect. However in  the time of the kick starter 40K appeared and everyone started playing scifi GW games. So the key things with kick starters seems to be the ability to predict what game you will be playing in about 2 years time.

I also backed two kick starters from Raging Heroes and during the time it took the models to arrive the end times swept through the Warhammer universe and replaced it with age of Sigmar. Now Dark Elves ride turtles and eels rather than lizards and horses. The TGG models I got are very nice resin models. They are however very fiddly to put together trying to glue two fine arms to a torso and a gun involved getting large amount of Super Glue all over the place.

Whole universes can change in the time it takes companies to deliver their product. So the best kick starters will likely be:

  1. offering things that support games I expect to be playing in two years time 
  2. are generic that they can be used for multiple games
  3. are not time sensitive.


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