Knights, batteries not included

With the publication of the knight codex I have been having a go at creating the different lists. The club and local region has standardised on 1750 points. So its worth designing lists for that points value to maximise your chances of a casual game.

With the changes in point values for knights I can get a lance of three knights, 2 battalions of Guard and Inquisitor Eisenhorn. Alternatively I can slim down to one detachment of guard and add one or two Knight Armigers. That still leaves me with 14 command points. The recent FAQ now gives you 6 command points if you take a Superheavy Detachment with at least 3 Questoris or Dominatus class units.

I can then spend 6 command points to upgrade two knights to characters and give them warlord traits and give them heirlooms. So all three knights are characters with warlord traits and heirlooms. I can still use 8 command points during the game. Based on experience this will be spent in the first couple of turns.

There is a strategem that allows me to outflank with an Imperial Knight. So its possible to mitigate a first strike and bring on a knight in reserve. I think this is great for people taking a knight to support their regular army. If you lose the first turn you wont get your knight crippled.

I have been working on the Armigers and some supporting infantry.

Here are the two Armigers all nice and grimy. The weapons and torsos are magnetised so I can swap them round or scratch build some autocannons to make them the new model knights. Not bad for 164 points a pop. I need to highlight the gold and add some exhaust wash to the thermal spears and stubbers.

Here are my Toughest Girls of the Galaxy models I got from the Raging Heroes kick starter a while back. I have painted them in the same red, black and grey colour scheme as my other models so they will look more cohesive. These girls need some highlights (and maybe some winter woollies) then I can add the snow to the bases.


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